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Summary of Properties :

A stone of Protection, Transformation, Spiritual Awakening, Intuition, Imagination, Ideas, Creativity, Expression, Reflection, Courtesy, Dimensional exploration, Stress, Anxiety, Shields our Aura, Enhancing energies from within, Calms overactive mind, Reveals forgotten memories, Sheds negative energy, Reduces impulsion, Enhances mental abilities, Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Divine attunement

Helps elders with Cold, Flu, Rheumatism, Lungs, Respiratory Problems, Lungs, Bronchitis, Digestion, Metabolism, Physical and emotional balance, Chakra balancing, PMS, Brain disorders, Mental acuity, Blood pressure, Gout

Why Am I Attracted To This Stone?
Curious about Life, Curious about oneself, Desire to uncover the mysteries of life, Looking for a spiritual awakening, Constantly feeling tired around others, Having emotional Imbalance, Feeling dizzy in certain environments, Feeling disconnected from yourself, Feeling stressed & anxious, Searching for a deeper connection

How Can This Stone Help Me?

Physical :

Great stone for the lungs; assist in bronchitis, respiratory problems, colds, digestion, regulation, metabolism. It has been used as treatment for the eyes and brain disorders; helping to reduce stress & anxiety while stimulating mental acuity and lowering blood pressure.

Mental :

Labradorite calms an overactive mind which energizes our creativity & imagination, Inspires us with new and fresh ideas, Sparks curiosity, Creates a powerful cohesion between the intellect & inner wisdom, Acts as a bridge between the logical & intuitive world, Brings a heightened sense of awareness while connecting the mind to the infinite wisdom of the universe

Emotional :

Helps in banishing fear and insecurities, Enhancing faith in ourselves and the universe, Creates a deeper connection with our heart & mind, Brings clarity, tranquility and peace to our emotions, Helps us to process our emotions more effectively while learning the beauty of each emotion from a safe space within, Gives us the protection & emotional stability that we need to overcome our inner battles

Spiritual :

Believed to be the most powerful protective crystal in the crystal kingdom, Creates a shielding force throughout the aura while enhancing energies from within, Excellent stone for discovering one's inner-self, Awakening awareness, Increasing intuition and psychic abilities, Protection from negativity that is beyond our control and gives us safe exploration into different levels of consciousness and uncharted dimensions, Aids in Kundalini Awakening


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Wisdom From This Stone :

"If you find yourself connected to this stone, chances are is that you are undergoing a powerful shift in your awareness. While this shift is bringing about a deep awakening within you, there is a sense of unrest that is making you feel lost, uncertain and clueless about where your life is leading you. This causes you to feel anxious and nervous about the road that lies ahed; making you constantly wonder about your role here on Earth and how you are supposed to contribute to life.

To truly experience the magnitude of change that this stone can bring into our lives, we must be willing to let go of the belief systems that may be holding us back from expanding ourselves into the world. Being connected to this stone shakes up our entire Universe. It expands the beliefs we've held and the knowledge we've gained by giving us perspectives over the 'BIG' questions in life; sparking curiosities about the many mysteries of 'Life'.  

Ancients stories told by the Inuit people said that this mystical stone fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis; a stone filled with mesmerizing beauty, sparkling from the inside with magical hues of icy green & blue, covered with flakes of rainbow and gold dust. Separating the waking world from the unknown, this beautiful stone is known to be a sacred stone to diviners, priests, healers bestowing those that believe in her some of life's most profound truths. 

Being attracted to this stone brings about a powerful awakening inside of you. It establishes a powerful connection within, linking us to our inner 'Light' and  connecting us to the wisdom of our Divine self. It creates a powerful cohesion between our minds and hearts, while protecting us from the world around; giving us a safe space to explore this newfound dimension of life. By freeing ourselves from the illusions of life, and reconnecting with the light within, we open ourselves to receive the infinite wisdom of the Universe; making each day a fantastical journey of colours and dreams all over again..."

Origin: Labrador, Canada

Tagged: Labradorite

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