The Magical Kingdom of Crystals


Crystals, one of the many mystifying creations of the Earth; a gift from the universe. It is said that a single piece of crystal contains the memory of more than a million years of history of our planet; the beginning, men, the great civilisations of the past, the formation of our planet, the destruction of an age, the history of our existence; But, what are they?

Crystals are one of the magical life-forms manifesting within the Earth; the mineralogical portion of the planet blooming into existence; just like flowers, plants, or you and me...

Though crystals do not have the thinking capacity of men or the reproductive system of plants, they still are life and as all life on Earth, they too are special...


How Are Crystals/Gemstones Formed?

It all starts almost 4 Kilometres within the Earth's crust. Over millions of years, microscopic mineral particles form clusters; one silicon atom bonding with four oxygen atoms, over and over again forming a complex framework of exciting prisms; creating one of our Planet's most abundant mineral, Quartz...

These stones are formed under extreme heat and pressure making conditions impossible for human life to exist. Yet under all these intense conditions, the wind, rain and tectonic plate movements something spectacular is brought up to us; the hidden gems of our Planet...

It takes millions of years for semi-precious gemstones to travel and reach near the surface of the Earth caused by movements created by natural phenomenons over time; and with each stone found, billions may still remain buried deep within the Earth, never to be discovered. 

Precious gemstones takes up to 3 billion years to form under immense heat and pressure as far as 240 kilometres deep within the Earth, blown to the surface by a massive gas eruption (similar to what happens when you shake a champagne bottle), with the last being over 13 million years ago.

With the passing of incredible ages, evolution & great civilisations, these beautiful life form kept growing and forming beneath us, standing the test of time.



Crystals pre-dates back to the earliest recorded history of men. Over time, crystals have proven to be present in various aspects of life and important moments beginning with the great civilisations of the past, religion, medicine, astrology & as a way of life. Below are some of the most astonishing knowledge of our ancestors and the role crystals played in their life.

These are some of the simple and most common examples for the use of crystals throughout the ages and how it has effected the growth of humanity and the evolution of our species.

However, somewhere along the way with the dawn of modern science and technology, these secret marvels of Earth has lost its place amongst men; once a gem glittering with light, beauty and mystic, now just a mere ornament or stone with superstitious beliefs of healing powers.

Though the ancient art of harnessing the magical powers of crystals may be lost in modern times, the shift of consciousness in our age is stirring up much curiosity and somehow our connection to these beautiful stones continue to grow even without the knowledge or know-how that our ancestors possessed. Deep down in us, we somehow know intuitively that crystals always had a healing effect on us on a quantum level.

While we may still be questioning ourselves on whether or not crystals have the ability to transmit vibrational energy and frequencies, giant corporations has been using these stones for years to usher us into the information age, or should we now say, the crystal age. Below are some examples on how crystals are commonly used to direct and focus energy in today's world.


1) Silicon chips are used to provide memory in every computer manufactured as it has the ability to store information.

Healing: It has been commonly used in healing by accessing it's memory to trace information related to the origins of a disease.

2) Quartz crystals are used to produce watches and clocks as they provide accurate measurements of time. The crystal lattice provides stability of structure and regularity of flow from any electromagnetic energy that moves through it. 

Healing: Excellent crystal to regulate and balance the energy that flows through the crystal.

3) Most crystals are piezoelectric which means it can generate an electric charge through pressure or through vibration. Crystals such as Quartz are used in radios to stabilise channels so more radio frequencies can be used.

Healing: Understanding this enables us to understand how the crystal can be utilised to balance the energy of the subtle bodies and chakras.

*In case you didn't know, your Laptop's LCD (Liquid CRYSTAL Display) screen is made by using crystal technology. 

These are only a few examples of what crystals are really capable of.  A Ruby crystal was the key component to the first laser developed in 1960 by Bell Laboratory and is used in microsurgery today and also on a cd player to read CD's as this crystal has the ability to highly focus and concentrate energy. Galena and Pyrite are used to create radio  receivers while television and computer screens are made from liquid crystals. 

Crystals can be used to translate energy from one form to another and it is this specific quality that makes a crystal so valuable to our world and the technology around us today.


The journey of connecting and experiencing the life force of our crystals begins from the very first time we lay our eyes on them; the time spent in picking each stone or bead as if it were a precious gift for a loved one till the time it joins us on our daily adventures in discovering the world we live in. 

Over time, you may experience changes in your frame of mind, temperament and total  well-being. These crystals have an effect on our being as a whole, and our surroundings; the spaces in which it accompanies us and on a kinetic level, the attraction that it brings toward us. 

Being gifts of nature, their (the crystal's) only purpose is to restore balance to it's environment and to harmonise the world around us. Crystals have a profound effect on our souls, the same feeling we get when we see lush greens and beautiful flowers; crystal clear water and majestic falls; the healing way of nature which provides calming and soothing effects to us and those around us.

I personally have experienced a deeper understanding of life around me and our connection to the living forces around us. 

Life and spirituality is a never-ending journey of experiences. To understand life is to experience life and to understand spirituality is to experience creation, God, Karma or whatever it is that you personally believe in.

To understand crystals, we must first acknowledge the presence of life-force energy (some cultures call it Qi, Ki, Prana, etc. ) that makes up our universe and every living thing in it. Opening ourselves to the possibilities of how energy restores balance to the world is the first step of experiencing the wonderful healing effects of crystals.


 "If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration..." - Nikola Tesla

Each crystal vibrates on a different level of frequency depending on it's specific characteristics. 

To feel the vibration of each crystal, you must first learn to silence the mind and gain focus. Below is an easy method for beginners which you could use to centre yourself and be in-tune with your environment. 

For those of you who practise yoga/meditation, follow whichever method suits you best to bring yourself to Alpha level.

1) Sit in a vertical position with your crystal/bracelet on your palm

(If sitting on a chair, sit on only half of your buttocks)

The goal here is to straighten our energy centres (chakras) which allows the energy that surrounds us to flow smoothly within us. 

2) Close your eyes & take 3 DEEP breaths (Inhale & Exhale slowly)

1st breath : Release all muscle tension and to relax our body

2nd breath : Let go of your body and focus completely on the spot between your eye-brow (3rd Eye Chakra)

3rd breath : Feel the air travel through your nostrils into your body and spreading out evenly into your system. At this point you should be totally relaxed


Now that you are in-tune with nature and fully relaxed, you are ready to feel the vibration of your crystal stones and in some cases, understand your crystals on a deeper level.


1) Place your free hand over the palm which is holding your crystals

(Closely but don't cover completely)

The goal here is to feel the energy and vibration from the space in between your crystals and your free hand 

After some practise, you will be able to notice a certain vibration in the space. Some may think that it is the tension from their hands but if you are relaxed and your muscles are not strained, it is in actual fact the vibration from your stones & your body synchronising with one another. 

Over time, you will be able to feel different waves of energy emitted from the crystals. This is a sign that your stones are growing together with your body and in sync with your personal Aura (Energy field). 

2) Making A Wish / Stating an Intent (Best to be done during step 1)

I personally have asked for tons of guidance and wisdom in understanding my daily life experiences and choices. In many occasions where all else seems lost, i've made personal wishes to my stones and no matter what the outcome was, they have never let me down. Either i got what i wished for, or i understood the current situation i found myself in and moved on. 

Is it magic? Absolutely not. To understand how this works is pretty simple. The crystals increases our own ability, wisdom, talents and creates a stronger vibration which increases attraction of life around us which in turn enhances our own hidden capabilities. 

3) Showing Gratitude No Matter The Outcome

"The moment we started walking on the grounds of gratitude, our days were never empty again..." - WTF Crew

When was the last time you said thank you for something even if things didn't go the way you wanted it to? 

Your stones are here to bring balance to your life and to heal your being as a whole. Always remember to say nice things to your crystals and be thankful for them (similar to how we say thank you to our plants each day). In our world, through our eyes, each stone may just be a 'thing' ; something of no significance or even dead to us.

However on an energetic level, your crystals provides you with a shield for your aura to keep the energy around you happy and warm always and in some cases, absorbs the negativity from you as a gift for your love.

Happiness and a positive attitude is infectious; and this is the very person you will become if you start to trust in life and to thank everyone and every thing around you for making each day a meaningful experience.


 i) Crystal in Healing

*Note: This is not a prescription to medication or a cure for terminal illness though in many cases it has helped people with all sorts of illnesses.

Understanding crystal healing is simple. All we need to recognise is one thing; balance. If our body and soul lacks positive energy or is in a low vibrational state we tend to get sick easier compared to those who are constantly positive and happy. ( It is easy to spot this by observing the mood of a person / the unpleasant vibe that you get from someone who is in a negative state of mind)

Place the crystals on your energy centres/chakras or simply use it as a bracelet or necklace to increase the vibration of your body and invite positive flow of energy into your system while allowing nature to do it's work.     

A crystal has the ability to dissipate discordant/disagreeing energy, balancing it and bring about healing through harmonising the energies that flows through and around us.      

Our goal is to allow the positive flow of energy to consciously flow through each breath that we take in a meditative state/super relaxed state of mind and body. ( seated vertically/ lying down flat with your arms comfortably on your sides)

 ii) Crystal Water

A research done by Dr. Masaru Emoto has proven to us that we have the ability to purify and energise water using positive emotional energies or vibrations. On a personal note, we have tried placing crystals in a jar of water overnight and drinking it the next day; and believe us when we say this, it taste different!! *slurpppssssss* Try it and you'll understand what we mean by different... *winks*

iii) Crystal Wind Chimes

 If you love the soothing sound of wind chimes, try making it with thin pieces of Agate. The beautiful soothing and calming sounds emitted from the Agate is one you will never forget.

iv) Altering Room Climate

Ever walked in a room and felt like there is lack of Life or certain corners are really stale? By placing crystals in your room, you can easily increase the vibration and cleanse the room from negative or stale energy. Amethyst or Smokey Quartz are some of the best crystals to attract negative energy and purify them into light. We personally love a mix of crystals. It keeps the environment fun and vibrant!

v) Helping Nature's Growth

Having trouble with a specific plant or tree you are trying to grow? Simply purify a crystal by placing it to rest under the morning sun for 2 hours and bury them in the soil of the plant that you would like to help. We take from nature so we must give an extra hand to help nature grow.

vi) Storing Information for up to 300 million years

According to a recent research done, a piece of Quartz crystal has the capability of storing information for a very long period of time. Read more about how this is going to change the world and everything that we know here. 

vii) Crystal That Could Help Us Breathe Underwater without Tanks

 Imagine diving underwater without the need of oxygen tanks. The possibilities that this creates for people with lung problems is something that is going to heal our future... Read more about it here...


Crystals are the most orderly structure in nature because it has the lowest state of entropy. The outstanding ability of a crystal to balance our energy fields whenever it is disrupted by discordant energy proves that this magnificent marvel of our Planet is not merely a piece of stone, ornament or a tool for modern technology, but also a valuable addition to our lives which allows our body to vibrate at a harmonious state constantly; returning us to our natural and healthy vibrational frequency and this resonance influences the physical body to also return to it's natural healthy state.