WTF Walk-In Grand Opening: Unspoken Words...

August 15 2015 – Joshua Rasen

Firstly we would like to apologize for being 2 weeks late on this post due to technical difficulties with the web. Anyhow, here we are; ready to tell you a story yet again! 

We would like to also thank everyone that participated and supported us for our Grand Opening event which was held after 7 MONTHS since the launching of our store here in Gurney Plaza Penang.

Why so late? Simple, we just didn't have a penny to spare during our opening period last December. Thankfully we were able to afford something small this time; and we are doing it as a HUGE thank you to all of you for getting us here today.... *warm smile with hands over our hearts* 

Special thanks to Chandriga Chan @k@ DJ Chan for helping us host the guest as a Grand Opening gift to us; your jokes lit up the room; Darrin Rozells & Alvin for funkin' up the vibes; Special thanks to Justina Loh (my mom) for preparing the awesome sandwiches which made our tummies and many others filled for the day and also special thanks to Charmian Rasen for providing us with some stunning moments on camera in such a short time that she had here; not forgetting Eric Ho who managed to hook us up with a packet of ice half way through the day; Thank you for all that you have done...


Our initial plan was to start off the event with a little speech by introducing ourselves; and ending it with the popping sounds of sparkling juices! (Better if it was champagne) *slurppppssss*

However due to the weather and insane traffic jam, all those invited were unable to make it here at the same time. Thanks to all of you beautiful people for rushing here just to be with us...

Since we were unable to deliver our message, we would like to take this opportunity to share the speech here with all of you. So sit back, relax and happy reading! We hope that this message can reach to more people that we care about, so do share if you enjoy it :)

Unspoken Words: Our message...

Hi, this is CG and I'm josh...we have so much to tell you in so little time; so we are just going to tell you a small part of our story today...I'm sure you'll learn the rest about us in time to come....first of all I would like to thank all of you for making time to come here today; it is very rare in today's fast paced world that we see people giving up their plans just to show support for others on their important day...thank you for being such brilliant people...very are deeply touched from the bottom of our hearts... 

I would like to say how happy I am today that my grandmother and mother can be here to see mum closed her shop for a few hours just to be here with us....thank you both for giving us the moral support in times of need, for the awesome suppers that you prepare for us at home and the beautiful snacks made here today for all of us....after all the years of struggling, I think we are finally making it mom..

3 years ago, we were jobless, broke and filled with dreams..we were young professionals climbing the corporate ladder, jobs which we loved, jobs which we found no way of expressing our inner talents. We were lost, penniless and in love; in love with the choice that we have, the option to be free; free to pursue our dreams in a world full of endless possibilities and imagination.

We had giant dreams; the kind of dreams that would make the world a better place, but we needed a way to use our talents and marry those talents with the change we want to make; helping the hungry by teaching them to grow food, helping the poor by giving them another shot at life with the jobs that we can create, healing the planet and helping the world see people through our eyes, that everyone is beautiful and special.

For 2 years we searched our souls and failed in 2 ventures which in the end, helped us to realize our path; we wanted to design great jewelries, inspired by our daily adventures, at a price which is really affordable. About 15 months ago, we emptied our savings, came up with a total sum of 500 ringgit and began our journey selling on the streets of Penang starting with the Honesty Shop concept. It was a big success!

After 6 months, we gathered 16,000 called up the management of gurney plaza to confirm a lot that we were targeting, only to find out that we were still short of 24000 to start up the company. Somehow miraculously, In a period of a month, while waiting for the agreement to be done, we found the remaining of that cash, started up this shop with zero in our banks, but a pocket full of hope and excitement. We were on our way.

Money has made some men mad, greedy and unethical. The world that we live in can be cruel, unfair and challenging; but only if we see it that way. To truly be happy we wanted to create something that we believe in, something that we can be proud to call our own, something that our children will be proud of us. This is what we strive to be; not an image which is fake in the face of the world, but an identity which is true deep in our hearts.

Today marks a special day; the beginning of our journey to heal the world. We are going to kick it off by using 10% from our monthly sales to carry out our philanthropy work. You can follow our missions on facebook with the first program set to be released this coming year end.

Each ringgit that you spend with us will not only be for the most awesome, powerful and trendy accessories, but also for a better world and we want to take this chance to thank all of you who supported us and believed in us. After 7 months we finally have the money for a grand opening; and we dedicate this to you....

And to wrap up the day, CG & I went around Penang hunting for the homeless; giving them a taste of the food served for our Grand Opening event...

Such an enlightening experience for the both of us, but nevertheless a painful one to see some of them extending their arms out asking if they can have a packet. We only managed to get a few early shots, unfortunately there were many moments missed as we were overwhelmed by the situation...May God bless this people; may God bless us all...




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