Legendary stones


Within these stones lie a great secret that only the bearer can experience, feel and unearth...

Uniquely designed and carefully crafted, these bracelets are made with Natural Volcanic Lava Rock beads known as Basalt; originated from molten lava that has solidified under intense heat and pressure...

Since basalt is formed from molten lava, and molten lava was once rock that is heated so much it turned to liquid, you can only imagine the strength, fire and power contained within these stones...

One drawn to basalt/lava rock may need some fire energy into their life...

Properties: Stone of protection, strength and fertility and provides Stability, guidance & understanding.

Great for improving blood circulation and to be used in baths and purification of water.

Element: Fire & Earth

Magical uses: Dream work, enhancing creativity, communication, cleansing negativity

Commonly found in: Volcanic areas

Birthstone: Unknown


Agates occur as nodules(lump of mineral) in volcanic rocks or ancient lavas and various kinds of rocks. 

In Ancient times, agates were used on the breastplates of a warrior's armor as it was known to have given them strength & make them victorious in battles.

Another historical fact is that agate stones were placed in cooking or water for drinking to dispel sickness.

Agate is a very protective stone especially for children, and makes an excellent stone for children's amulets, medicine bags, jewelry, or just to be carried around in a pocket. Agate is also used to protect against harmful spirits.

Properties: Stone of relaxation, calming, cleansing negativity, balancing aura & yin yang energies, vitality, strengthen eyesight, strength, protection, harmony & healing, Good Luck stone, helping to heal and improve relationships

Elements: Earth

Magical Uses: Helps in forgiveness, releasing despair & anger, determination, personal courage, creativity & stone of marital & romantic fidelity

If you have forthcoming battles in sight that have to do with your family or business affairs where you need extra strength, courage and determination to endure on your path, agate is the right stone for you.

It can be found mostly in Mexico, Brasil, Australia, USA, and Morocco.

Birthstone: Aries, Gemini, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn

Return to innocence with these stunning pieces....

The stone name Opal comes from the Sanskrit word "upala" for stone, or precious stone. There are seemingly endless varieties of opal, ranging from opaque common opal to fiery precious opal.

Opals are essentially silicon dioxide with water that has become trapped inside.

Stone of Inspiration

Opal aids in strengthening personal and business relationships. It is referred to as the stone of happy dreams and changes. Opal is a soothing stone, helping to balance mood swings and enhance trust in your own feelings.

Opal awakens both psychic and mystical qualities. Opal can also release fear and send comforting support to those who are grieving.

On a physical level, Opal can help to improve the memory, ease the birthing process, cool a fever and fight infection

Opal, the water stone, contains more water than most crystals. This allows our spirit to flow like water and reminds us that nothing in life is permanent. Due to its fluidity, opal helps us ease pass challenges and adjust in times of transformation.

Mentally, opal is said to enhance memory. It is also used to decrease confusion.

Magical uses: Used for high spiritual crystal evergy vibrations in the spiritual realm; helps one be invisible, enhance thoughts & feelings, protection in dangerous situations, enhance imagination & creativity

Traditionally in crystal healing opal has been considered good for headaches, eyesight, Parkinson's disease, blood, insulin regulation, PMS, and the immune system.  

Most commonly associated with the Heart & Crown Chakra.

Common Locations:  Australia, Mexico, USA, many others

Element: Water

Birthstone: Libra

These mystifying stones are profound amplifiers of energy, similar to most quartz crystals, and will boost the energy of any other crystals you use it with.

In Ancient times, this magical crystal was carried as an amulet against curses or ill-wishing; protector against the unseen forces. Tiger eye crystals are also known to enhance creativity and is one of the stones that aid Kundalini awakenings.

Properties: Stone of protection, willpower, wisdom, self-confidence, clear vision, illusion free, enhance personal power/abilities

Magical Uses: Helps to find courage in recognizing ideas, willpower to create, increase intuition & insight, healing of broken bones, helps us be more active physically & mentally

Element: Earth

Commonly found: South Africa, but it also comes from Brazil, India, Burma, Western Australia and USA.

Birthstone: Gemini

One of the most sacred stones to the Ancient Egyptians, Lapis Lazuli was once the stone of Royalty and used to be valued higher than Gold.

Known as one of the most mystifying stones which is thought to be the bridge between man and the divine; the connection between the physical & celestial planes; creating a strong spiritual connection, assisting in contact with your personal guardian angels...

Properties: Stone of communication, Truth, Inner Power, Organization, Stone of protection from psychic & physical attacks, Intuitive & spychic awareness. Brings mental and emotional virility which also strengthens the mind.

It is said to be helpful in sinus, cancer, headaches, nervous system, speech problems, pituitary gland, body strength, virility, pain relief, heart, immune system, bones, autism, depression, epilepsy, seizures, eye and vertigo vision problems, sleep disorders including insomnia, thyroid and repair damaged DNA.

Magical Uses: Helps in writing (self expression & inspiration from within), truthfulness, openness, mental clarity, enhance creativity, centering yourself & organizing daily life, quiteing a busy life & increasing concentration. 

Excellent manifestation & meditation stone; Great crystal to be used in grids. Very effective to be used as a protection for an environment when placed in four corners of a space.

Element: Water, Wind

Commonly found: Burma & Afghanistan

Birthstone: Pisces, Sagittarius 


Blue sandstone is composed of quartz or feldspar, the most common minerals found in the Earth's crust. Due to the phenomenon of the sand being crystallized together with the minerals, it creates one of Earth's magical wonders, a galaxy-like effect within the stone, hence the name of this stone...

Properties: Enhance the power of leadership, strength and the body’s good spirits, drive out evil spirits; clear the mind and relieve the pressure. Blue Sandstone resembles the brilliant stars shining in the dark blue sky which bring courage, confidence, willpower; boosting vitality and energy. These starry particles also acts as a great reflector for unwanted energy therefore protecting the user with a balanced Aura. 

Aids in circulatory system, bones and arthritis.

Magical Uses: Enterprise, success, opening opportunities, victory and glory

Elements: Earth, Fire

Birthstone: Unknown

Spiritually, howlite is a stone of calming and awareness. It can prepare the user or wearer to receive wisdom and attunement from the Higher Self and the Divine. It is also used for dimensional travel and healthy meditation.

Properties: Stone of healing for pain & insomnia. Stone of wisdom, releasing attachment from old pain/emotion.

In Tibet, this stone is popularly used to absorb toxic from ones body, especially the liver, which results in the stone sacrificing itself and turning yellowish grey in colour. Also aids in bones, relieving pains, teeth, anxiety disorders and stress related illness. 

Magical Uses: Howlite decreases an overly critical state of mind, selfishness, stress, and anxiety, bringing calm and relaxation. Howlite also can decrease anger originating from within or externally.

Element: Wind

Commonly found: Canada, USA

Birthstone: Unknown


Sodalite/Storm Bead often called a Poet's Stone, it can help end arguments or other disagreements. It is particularly useful for honesty of emotions and love.

Properties: Stone of truth, knowledge, logic, communication. It is helpful for work in groups and stimulates thought.

It is said in crystal healing to be beneficial for the glands, diabetes, digestive system, lymphatic cancer and relieving insomnia.

Magical Uses: This stone has a vibration that aids truth, and helps you to better understand the life you are living, and how you came to be in the situation in which you find yourself. It increases intelligence, knowledge and learning, and can unite the logical with the spiritual. 

Element: Water, Wind

Commonly found: Brazil, Russia, Greenland, Romania, France, India, Myanmar, Namibia, Canada and the USA.

Birthstone: Sagittarius

 Variations Available At WTF WALK-IN: Elvish Stones, Soul Stones

Used as a powerful healing stone for thousands of years, these stones are often used to purify and detoxify the body. A beautiful stone that comes in many different colors and patterns, Jasper stones are also known for it's beautiful textures which looks like a piece of abstract art.

Properties: Nurturing stone, gentle, comforting, great at grounding negative energy, abundance, success, prosperity, enhancing the mind and some variation are known to aid in weight loss.

Also aids in liver, kidney, gallbladder, stomach and intestinal problems including heartburn.

Magical Uses: This stone has a vibration that is known to increase energy, strength and also brings love into any situation which aids in cleansing the negativity that surrounds that issue. Some variations are know to also help us connect with our inner self, understand our soul's choice and aids us in becoming the person we are meant to be. This powerful stone has the ability to help us discover our purpose and our destiny for our current lifetime.

Element: Earth

Commonly found: All of the World

Birthstone: Capricorn, Pisces, Aquarius, Libra (Bloodstone)


Moonstone is one of those mystifying crystals that keeps you mesmerized by it's beauty; often mirroring the glow of a full moon. The Ancient Romans admired moonstone as they believed it was born from solidified rays of the moon. 

Properties: A stone of abundance, hope and pure love. Also known to help calm responses, stress and to avoid over reacting. This crystal also brings great feminine energy, sensitivity and intuition to it's user.

Believed to aid our digestive system, obesity, water retention, hormonal problems and menstrual problems.

Magical Uses: It is also well known for protection pregnancy, childbirth and travelling on sea. Besides all those wonderful powers, they are said to increase our intuition and psychic abilities while adding a touch of beauty to our lives. 

Element: Water

Commonly found in: Armenia (mainly from Lake Sevan), Madagascar, Australia, Sri Lanka, Austrian Alps, Myanmar, Norway, Poland, India

Birthstone: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio


Legend tells us that Aquamarine is the favourite stone of mermaids. Romans believed this stone had the magical powers to turn enemies into friends, reawaken the love of married couples and has the ability to absorb the atmosphere of young love; when worn, it does great things together out of love. There are many myths about this stone, such as a symbol of happiness and everlasting youth to the Sumerians, Egyptians and Hebrews.

Properties: A stone of Luck, Courage and Inner peace promoting hope and self-love. Widely used to recall past lives, to aid communication and protect sea travellers.

Helps is chronic fatigue, eyesight, fluid retention, headaches, toothaches. 

Magical Uses: A powerful stone to shield our Aura, and is said to bring angels for their guidance and protection. 

Element: Water

Commonly found in: Brazil, Sri Lanka, Colorado

Birthstone: Pisces, Aries, Gemini



Buddstone or also known as the South African Jade, is not a jade in true sense and is a new crystal which has recently made its way to the surface of our planet. 

Properties: A stone of stamina and patience; good for parents, teachers, elders and caretakers. Improves hearing, intuition and great for abundance in business and deal making, positive decisions and actions.

Helps those suffering from dementia, migraine or Alzheimer's. 

Magical Uses: Buddstone can be used to gain information from our elders; both past and living... Helps to lighten our body and remove any energy blockages and eases disharmony in relationships. 

Element: Earth

Commonly found in: South Africa only

Birthstone: Unknown


 Obsidian, commonly used over thousands of years as a blade known for it's perfect sharpness which is many times sharper than a high-quality surgical steel scalpel. Even the sharpest metal knife has a jagged edged when view under a powerful microscope; however when an obsidian blade is viewed under an electron microscope, it is smooth and even; perfect. In many cases, each Volcanic eruption produces a distinguishable type of Obsidian which allows archeologist to track it's origins. 

Properties:  A great stone to remove negative energy, increase clarity, strengthen the aura and protect one against psychic attacks. A powerful grounding and healing stone for our energy body.

It is known to help in stomach, intestines, stomach tissues and rid a person from viral infections. Mahogany obsidian can be used to detoxify organs, increase liver & kidney function, relieve pain and improve circulation.

Magical uses: It is also used to heal humiliation by removing blockages that keeps us prisoners on a mind-body-spirit level. Mahogany obsidian in particular is used to create a mind open to full abundance which can bring us a sense of freedom and prosperity.  

Element: Earth

Commonly found in: Volcanic areas

Birthstone: Libra, Sagittarius



The Romans believed that by rubbing crushed Hematite on their bodies, they become invincible and protected by Mars, the God of War. Oddly the spectral signature of Hematite was also seen on Mars during 2001 Mars Spacecraft Odyssey around Mars. When broken, the inside part of a Hematite stone contains a red profile that is used for ancient drawing and coloring. 

Properties: Stability, grounding and a protective stone. Hematite is an exceptional stone for thinking logically, originally and mathematically by helping us organize our mind. Hematite decreases negativity emotionally which helps us balance our body-mind-spirit.

Used traditionally for blood disorders, nervous problems, stress, insomnia, broken bones, Reynayd's disorder and spinal alignment. 

Magical Uses: Excellent stone to keep yourself connected to the Earth Plane or strengthen your silver cord connection which aids in safe astral travels so that your spiritual learnings can be brought back to daily life more easily. Hematite is also highly known to boost confidence and provide protection when placed in corners of a room/space or used in a crystal grid.

Element: Earth

Commonly found in: Iron mines 

Birthstone: Aquarius


Turquoise is known as the oldest stone to men, one of the earliest to be found. Scared to Native Americans, Middle Earth and Oriental traditions, it is said to change in colour according to the wearers health and protects it's user from unseen forces of any kind.

Properties: A stone that brings great abundance, relieving stress and powerful stone of protection. It is also known to help speed up healing process and known as a master healer stone. 

Magical uses: Turquoise is commonly associated with the sky and brings the sky energy to the Earth. It is said to help promote honest and clear communication from the heart.

Element: Wind

Commonly found in: Iran, Sinai Peninsula (Old mining sites/Turquoise City), United States (Hardly any left)

Birthstone: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Pisces


Quartz, one of the most abundant and powerful minerals on Earth producing all sorts of crystals from clear quartz to agates and jaspers. We can only keep going on and on about how much this crystal has influenced our age and as they say, we truly are in a crystal age. If you want to know more about how this crystals are used in our technology today, click here and check out this page... Ancient Japanese believes that clear quartz was formed by the breath of a dragon and regarded it as representing perfection...


Clear Quartz: Master healing crystal that is known for it's ability to highly concentrate an energy source to detect the source of ailments, draw out pain and focusing healing energy on affected areas. Works as a powerful booster and enhancer for it's surroundings and other crystals when worn together. Creates Harmony and cleanses negativity leaving us feeling energetic and lively again.

Great for meditation, healing, manifestation, thought and channeling. Known to be effective for arthritis, chronic fatigue, bone injuries, depression, diabetes and intestinal troubles.

Element: Aether

Rose Quartz: A stone of love. This beautiful light pinkish white stone opens up our heart chakra which in turn leaves love pouring in and out of us be it self-love, family-love, platonic, romantic or simply unconditional love. Perfect stone to attract love into our daily lives bringing warmth, lowers stress and inviting romance.

Rose quartz is also used to raise self-esteem which gives us a sense of worthiness. It's loving energy teaches us to apply this love to ourselves therefore finding ourselves more worthy of the world and people around us.

Element: Water

Blue Kyanite: A stone that provides powerful protection during vivid dreams, altered states and channeling. This crystal may be the only stone in the Kingdom of crystals that retains only positive energy, which means it needs to cleansing.

It aligns and balances all chakras often causing a sudden surge of energy while removing energy blockages. It brings honesty, loyalty and tranquility.

Element: Wind

Commonly found in: All parts of the world


Quartz: Taurus

Rose Quartz: Taurus, Cancer

Blue Kyanite: Taurus, Pisces



Ancients stories told by the Inuit people said that this mystical stone fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis; a stone filled with mesmerizing beauty, sparkling from the inside with magical hues of icy green & blue, covered with flakes of rainbow and gold dust. Separating the waking world from the unknown, this beautiful stone is known to be a sacred stone to diviners, priests, healers bestowing those that believe in her some of life's most profound truths... 

Properties: Believed to be the most powerful protector of the crystal kingdom, Labradorites creates a shielding force throughout the aura while enhancing energies from within. Excellent stone for discovering one's inner-self, awakening awareness, increasing intuition and psychic abilities. Labradorite protects us from negativity that is beyond our control and gives us safe exploration into different levels of consciousness and uncharted dimensions. 

Magical uses: Great stone for the lungs; assist in bronchitis, respiratory problems, colds, digestion, regulation, metabolism. It has been used as treatment for the eyes and brain disorders; helping to reduce stress & anxiety while stimulating mental acuity and lowering blood pressure. 

Labradorite calms an overactive mind which energizes our creativity & imagination, inspiring us with new and fresh ideas. She also helps in banishing fear and insecurities, enhancing faith in ourselves and the universe.

Element: Water

Commonly found in: Labrador Canada, Finland, 

Birthstone: Cancer, Pisces



Citrine, a beautiful stone that carries the power of the sun, is one of the 2 crystals in the entire mineral kingdom that does not require cleansing; the other is kyanite. A powerful stone of manifestation, willpower and intense imagination, it clears the mind and stirring the hunger within which pushes us to take action. It's vibration aids in speeding the process of transforming dreams into reality.

Properties: Often dubbed the merchant's stone, Citrine is known not only for acquiring wealth, but also helps in maintaining it. A stone of abundance which attracts prosperity, wealth, success and happiness. It encourages generosity and for us to share our goodwill and blessings. 

Magical uses: Enhances stamina, energy; helps in nourishing our skin, hair and nails. Citrine also stimulates digestion, helping to eliminate infections in kidney and bladder. 

Element: Fire

Commonly found in: Brazil, Madagascar, Russia 

Birthstone: Cancer, Leo



Apatite is known for its positive use of personal power to achieve goals. It clears away confusion and negativity, stimulates our intellect to discover new truths, and aids in manifestation. A deeply spiritual stone which has a cleansing effect on the aura, apatite is also used to aid in past-lives or alternate live works due to its ability to tap into the energy levels where the Akashic Records exists. 

Properties: Aids in public speaking, communication, enhancing memory, concentration especially for study & project purposes. Commonly used as a dream stone for creative problem solving and also brings knowledge of the future for those attuned to her.

Magical uses: Encourages formation of new cells, aids in absorption of calcium, heal bones & teeth, helps arthritis, and also associated with healthy eating, suppressing hunger and increasing the metabolic rate. Stimulates eyesight and good for excessive eye strain.

Element: Water

Commonly found in: Norway, Kenya, South Africa, Burma, Canada, Sri Lanka, Madagascar

Birthstone: Pisces, Gemini


Amazonite, a legendary stone of great mystery and courage, said to beautify the shields of the Amazonians; a legendary group of women warriors reputed to be a myth, but some evidence points that they were a matriarchal society of the Bronze Age. An ancient Brazilian legend claims that the Amazon women gave beautiful green stones to men who visited them (suspected to be amazonite stones). Use to be rubbed into wounds to avoid infection, these stones were also believed to heal lesions or any kind of illness.  

Properties: Amazonite empowers us to discover the truth about oneself, to move beyond fear, and to live with those beliefs. It also gives us the freedom to express our thoughts and self. It also helps us to see from both sides to resolve inner conflicts. 

Magical uses: A good luck stone, aids in loneliness and is said to keep marriage happy. A powerful stone to absorb micro-waves and protect again cellphone emanations and electromagnetic pollution. Prevents infection, relieve muscle spasms, helping sexual disorders and also said to aid in childbirth.

Element: Water

Commonly found in: Amazon river Brazil 

Birthstone: Aries, Leo