7th Chakra : Crown / Sahasrara


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7th Chakra : Crown / Sahasrara


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      Why Am I Attracted To This?

      Desires serving a community, Seeking a spiritual breakthrough, Feeling hopeless, Disconnected, Incomplete, Depressed, Confused, In need of deep emotional healing, Desire to contribute, Unresolved feelings

      How Can This Creation Help Me?

      Brings clarity, Divine connection, Wisdom, Spiritual transformation through emotional healing, Aids in surrendering to God, Invites divine love, Cleanses negativity, Grounding, Forgiveness, Heals relationships, Understanding, Encourages selflessness

      What Blocks This Chakra?

      Ego, Earthly attachments, Unable to surrender your will, Control, Stubbornness 

      What Opens This Chakra?

      Crystals, Release of earthly attachments, Letting go of our past, Self-study, Empathy, Service to humanity, Compassion, Understanding others beyond their actions

      Intention & Wisdom From This Creation :

      This chakra deals with cosmic energy, divine wisdom & divine connection.

      "The crown chakra is probably the most challenging chakra in terms of activation because of the ego that we have attached to ourselves. It is the defining chakra for us to life our lives to the fullest ; a permanent connection between us and the divine in and around us. This is the only chakra that requires the help of Divine Grace to be fully activated. 

      A person who has the crown chakra blocked will most likely experience a feeling of hopelessness, depression, confusion and disconnect from the people around or from life as a whole. The energy in us wants to be the light for others, however, our need for self-preservation stops us from fulling dedicating ourselves to the greater good.

      The essence of the crown chakra is to be in touch with our divine-self. It is about recognizing our true nature as divine loving beings. It is realizing that we are an 'Individual Expression' of God in the physical form; that we are a physical manifestation of divinity. It is knowing that we are to God, as the waves are to the Ocean...One...

      The secret to unlocking this chakras lies in one word, 'Surrender'. It's about giving up all sense of control of life, and allowing the Divine to manifest itself through us. Does that mean giving up everything you've ever built and living a simple life in the woods? Absolutely not! It means to be 'Okay' with not having things your way, and to 'Trust' that regardless what happens in life, God will always make it good.

      If you've ever gotten to the point where you found yourself saying, "Why God? Why me? What must I do to have a happy life? What does it take? Show me the way. I give up. There is nothing more I can do. I leave my fate to you Lord," then you'll understand what it means to Surrender. Most of us don't listen to the voice inside of us. We often refuse our intuition, to the point where our lives goes completely off track; crashing into our surroundings; breaking apart everything that we hold dear. We often wait till life gets to a point of no return, before listening to our inner voice again.

      They say that life will keep knocking us to the ground. It will keep pounding on us inch by inch, breaking us up. It will bring us down on bended knees, to the moment where we finally find the humility to bow and seek the Grace of God. 

      Though this is the path most of us take, however there is an easier way to get there; which is by opening yourself up to the idea of 'Surrendering your life' to the will of the Universe. So how do you do that? It is simple, yet not easy to practise.

      The first step of surrendering is to let go of your plans and to make way for the Universe. Michael Jackson once said that the problem with most musicians is that they 'Get in the way of the music'. He said that we must get out of the way and let the music write itself. Similarly to Michale Jackson's creative process, we must get out of the way and allow the Universe to 'USE US' as a tool to bring forth the life that the Creator dreamt for us. It is in letting go off control that we discover our true purpose. It is in the absence of resistance that we realign. It's in the absence of that resistance that we remember who we are. It is in the absence of that resistance that we reconnect with the Universe.

      So our question to you is, are you ready to surrender your life and find out what God has in store for you? Are you ready to realign yourself again? Are you ready to reconnect to the divinity that resides in you?

      The next step of surrender is to focus on what is thriving in your life. Focus on the relationships that are thriving, the elements in your business or work that is thriving. Let go of what is not working because it is a sign that something needs changing.

      Thirdly, keep in mind that obstacles and challenges are merely detours in the right direction. The pain, suffering and struggle are the necessary process that we need to endure in order to sustain the dream that the Universe has for us. Our job is to learn from it quickly, and to move on. By doing that, you will start to see that every obstacle is an opportunity to grow. You'd start to realize that the Universe had your back all along. 

      Last but not least, use your gift in service of others. As Neale Donald Walsch said, "Your life is not about you. Your life is about everyone you touch, and the way in which you touch it. Does that mean that you have to give up everything that you've always wanted, desired or hoped for? Does that mean you have to give up all your goals, all your dreams or all your objectives? Absolutely not!

      It is about achieving or working towards your dreams for a whole different reason; a different intention. If you're doing those things to enrich the lives of everyone whose life you touch, watch the world fall in on you; with wonder and joy and celebration. But if you're doing those things to gather, gather gather, get ,get ,get, have more, have more, have more; you just want to get as much as you can for yourself. If that's your prime motivation, then you're going to be struggling everyday for the rest of your life..."

      You may say, I've got a family to feed, a life to live. I got bills to pay, kids to school. I've got all these problems to solve. However we say, 'Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and all these things will be added unto you.' By giving your life in service of others, you become one with those in whose life you touch. You become one with the people around you. You become one with the Universe; and that is the experience of Heaven...

      This piece was made with the Intention to give you the courage to Surrender yourself to the Universe, and to aid is your spiritual transformation. It was made with the purpose to bring out the best in you; connecting you with the Divine that lives in you forever and ever..."


      10% from each purchase goes back into our World...✵

      By taking home this beauty right here, know that you've given back to the World...

      Category      : Bracelet
      Material        : Brass Charm, Natural Stones, Brass Spacers
      Stones          : Amethyst, Agate, Charoite, Garnet
      Colour           : Black, Purple, Gold
      Thickness     : Stones 8mm Charm approx.11mm



      1) Natural Stones: 

      Amethyst : In ancient times, the amethyst was worth as much as diamonds. Stone of faithful love, fire & passion, creativity, spirituality and sobriety. Brings new ideas to life and also a talisman of focus & success. Encourages selflessness, brings balance to emotions and invites spiritual wisdom into our lives.

      Agate: Strength, Relaxation, Balancing Yin Yang Energies, Anger Management, Good Luck, Heals Relationships, Improves Eyesight, Relaxation, Love, Harmony, Marital & romantic fidelity, protection, Children's amulets, Forgiveness 

      Garnet: Grounding stone, connection, love, commitment, enhances sexuality, warmth, devotion, understanding, trust, sincerity, honesty in a relationship, protection, strength to act, chi flow, detoxing negative energy

      Charoite: A stone of deep spiritual connection, transformation and love. A soul stone with bold energy that is full of emotional healing, physical healing and spiritual healing that encourages us to live in the now. Teaches us about life, love, relationships and helps us release our fears with the help of divine grace. This stone reminds us about the importance of creating unforgettable memories for us to look back to when we are older and wiser.


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