Amazonite 8mm Faceted



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Amazonite 8mm Faceted



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      Amazonite, a legendary stone of great mystery and courage, said to beautify the shields of the Amazonians; a legendary group of women warriors reputed to be a myth, but some evidence points that they were a matriarchal society of the Bronze Age. An ancient Brazilian legend claims that the Amazon women gave beautiful green stones to men who visited them (suspected to be amazonite stones). Use to be rubbed into wounds to avoid infection, these stones were also believed to heal lesions or any kind of illness.  

      Properties: Amazonite empowers us to discover the truth about oneself, to move beyond fear, and to live with those beliefs. It also gives us the freedom to express our thoughts and self. It also helps us to see from both sides to resolve inner conflicts. 

      Magical uses: A good luck stone, aids in loneliness and is said to keep marriage happy. A powerful stone to absorb micro-waves and protect again cellphone emanations and electromagnetic pollution. Prevents infection, relieve muscle spasms, helping sexual disorders and also said to aid in childbirth.

      Element: Water

      Commonly found in: Amazon river Brazil 

      Birthstone: Aries, Leo

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