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Citrine 8mm



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      Citrine, a beautiful stone that carries the power of the sun, is one of the 2 crystals in the entire mineral kingdom that does not require cleansing; the other is kyanite. A powerful stone of manifestation, willpower and intense imagination, it clears the mind and stirring the hunger within which pushes us to take action. It's vibration aids in speeding the process of transforming dreams into reality.

      Properties: Often dubbed the merchant's stone, Citrine is known not only for acquiring wealth, but also helps in maintaining it. A stone of abundance which attracts prosperity, wealth, success and happiness. It encourages generosity and for us to share our goodwill and blessings. 

      Magical uses: Enhances stamina, energy; helps in nourishing our skin, hair and nails. Citrine also stimulates digestion, helping to eliminate infections in kidney and bladder. 

      Element: Fire

      Commonly found in: Brazil, Madagascar, Russia 

      Birthstone: Cancer, Leo

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