"The Wound Is Where The Light Enters"


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"The Wound Is Where The Light Enters"


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      Why Am I Attracted To This?

      Desires love, Deeply hurt emotionally, Heart-broken, Feeling unseen, Unworthy, Unloved, Misunderstood, Feeling inadequate, Angry, Depressed, Desires to be appreciated

      How Can This Creation Help Me?

      Brings deep emotional healing, Brings compassion, Helps us connect to ourselves on a deeper level, Inspires self-love & care, Encourages us to open our heart, Removes those who are not in line with us & attracts the relationships that we desire, Helps us to be more understanding and caring, Helps us to love more deeply

      Wisdom & Intention For This Creation :

      "If you find yourself attracted to this piece, chances are you may currently be healing from a deep emotional pain caused by someone who has walked away from your life; leaving you lost, saddened and heartbroken. When I closed my eyes to pray for the wisdom to decide on the intention for this piece, a memory from 20 years ago came flashing back into my mind; a memory that i have forgotten.

      I remember back when I was 14, I found myself dating someone whom at that point I felt was the ‘Girl of my dreams’. She was my first love; someone whom i taught would be my happily ever after. I treated every inch of her with respect, love, care and kindness; never touching her or treating her in a way that would make her feel violated or uncomfortable. I thought that through being my best self, I would be able to earn and keep her love. I thought that through respect, manners and honesty, I would be ‘Enough’ for her. However it wasn’t long before she decided to run off with someone who was the direct opposite of me; a guy known for being a ‘bad boy’ in school but is seen as cool…

      That experience instilled a false belief in me; a belief that by being a ‘bad boy’, I would be able to attract and keep love; to control it. I thought that by behaving the way the ‘cool kids’ did, by hurting the hearts of those who trusted me; by being the ‘first love’ in someone’s life; by being obscene, heartless and foul mouthed, I will be seen as ‘cool’ amongst the girls and my peers; but boy oh boy was I wrong. 

      Looking back at the event today, I realized that my intention of becoming a ‘bad boy’ was so that I would never need to feel the pain of losing someone I loved again. I thought that by being in control, I would have the power to dictate the situation; the power to ‘crush before being crushed’, the power to ‘hurt before being hurt’. What I did not realize, was that in the illusion of trying to ‘protect myself’, I was hurting the innocent, killing off the hopes and dreams of those who trusted me, crushing the lives of those who believed in me, and most of all, ruining any chance of ever knowing what it’s like to ‘Be in Love’. I became something that I didn’t believe in; someone that I wouldn’t want to be around with. I became the very person I hated.

      What I didn’t see was that by crushing others, it didn’t stop the heartbreak nor the pain from ‘Not Knowing Love’. Instead it contributed to it and turned me into someone I no longer knew. It took me many failed relationships, heartbreaks and years to realize that being seen as ‘cool’ was not the answer. It took me all those years to see how far i’ve drifted from myself in my quest to ‘find TRUE Love’. Looking back and connecting the dots today, I’ve realized that ‘Cool’ is about being ‘You’. 

      Coolness is about knowing who you are and being who you are. It’s about being the most caring, the most kind and the most loving in the room. It’s about connecting with our true nature and recognizing that we are our best-selves when we care for one another. It’s about realizing that our lives are bigger than any ‘One Moment’. Coolness is about shinning your light so that others are touched by it. It’s about giving it to those deserving of it and using it to heal the lives of others rather than to hurt one another. It's about transforming our pain into a reason for loving. It's about learning and growing from every heartbreak, and using it to be the best version of ourselves.

      Having said that, this piece was made with the intention to heal your wounds and to allow the light to enter. It was made with the intent to open your heart to the world again and to never let the darkness of others dim your lights. Just as Rumi once said, ‘The wound is where the light enters’, So let every hurt be the reason you are kind. Let every pain be the reason you care. And above all, let every hate be the reason you Love. Stay Different, Stay Real, and stay you always…"


      10% from each purchase goes back into our World...✵

      By taking home this beauty right here, know that you've given back to the World...

      Category      : Necklace 
      Material        : Natural Stones, Brass, Cotton, Stainless Steel
      Stones          : Natural Raw Pink Tourmaline 
      Colour           : Silver, Pink, Black
      Length           : 50cm

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      1) Natural Stones: 

      Pink Tourmaline : A stone of love, compassion, emotional healing & self-love. Opens the heart to wisdom & unconditional love. A stone that heals friendships and brings peace, relaxation and joyfulness. The pink tourmaline aids anyone suffering from heavy emotional pain caused by tragedy, abuse, heart break, loss of a loved one or in a state of deep depression. This stone connects our heart with the etheric body, infusing love and spirituality while inviting the divine light of love to cleanse our body and aura of the memories that surrounds our emotional pain; teaching us to grow from them and to use each painful event in our life as an opportunity to learn and heal.


      Stay Different, Stay Real... always

      #WTFBracelet #StayDifferentStayReal



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