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Hematite 8mm



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      The Romans believed that by rubbing crushed Hematite on their bodies, they become invincible and protected by Mars, the God of War. Oddly the spectral signature of Hematite was also seen on Mars during 2001 Mars Spacecraft Odyssey around Mars. When broken, the inside part of a Hematite stone contains a red profile that is used for ancient drawing and coloring. 

      Properties: Stability, grounding and a protective stone. Hematite is an exceptional stone for thinking logically, originally and mathematically by helping us organize our mind. Hematite decreases negativity emotionally which helps us balance our body-mind-spirit.

      Used traditionally for blood disorders, nervous problems, stress, insomnia, broken bones, Reynayd's disorder and spinal alignment. 

      Magical Uses: Excellent stone to keep yourself connected to the Earth Plane or strengthen your silver cord connection which aids in safe astral travels so that your spiritual learnings can be brought back to daily life more easily. Hematite is also highly known to boost confidence and provide protection when placed in corners of a room/space or used in a crystal grid.

      Element: Earth

      Commonly found in: Iron mines 

      Birthstone: Aquarius

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