Black Rutilated Quartz

June 20 2023 – Joshua Levi Rasen

Black Rutilated Quartz

Black Rutilated Quartz


Summary of properties :

A stone of Healing, Protection, Change, Acceptance, Self-exploration, Strength, Growth, Awakening potential, Discovering purpose, Overcoming negative habits, Anti-depressant, Eliminates negative thoughts, Cleansing negativity, Transformation from pain, New Beginnings, Enhance survival instincts and Teaches us to find peace with the ‘Darkness’ in our lives.

Helps in digestive system, Hormonal glands, Nervous system, Brain function

Why Am I Attracted To This Stone? 

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How Can This Stone Help Me?

Physically :

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Mentally :

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Emotionally :

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Spiritually :

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Chakras : All Chakras (Especially in creating a link between the Root & Crown)

Origin : Brazil

Element : Air + Aether

Zodiac : Taurus, Gemini

Birthstone : Coming Soon

Mineral Description :

- Chemical composition: Si02

Wisdom From This Stone :

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Summary :

Being called to this stone means we are being called to create a 'Relationship' with the 'Darkness' in our lives. It means to 'Accept, Learn and to Let go' of the pain that are no longer serving us while experiencing the full magnitude of what it means to be 'Alive'.

It is a call to recognize the 'Divine presence' in all its glory through 'Happiness, pain, love, joy, laughter, sadness, anger, bliss, envy, compassion, kindness, care, darkness, light; 'Life' in its full magnificence...

Meditation :

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History, Myths & Legends :

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