Cleansing, Purifying & Energizing


"Just like a fine bottle of wine or a lover; every crystal deserves your tender care; your gentle nature, your love... "


P U R I F Y I N G   &   E N E R G I Z I N G 

Why is it important to purify and energize my crystals / jewelries? 

If you've ever lived in a messy & dirty home/area vs a clean & neat space, you'll instantly realise the difference that a simple shift like this makes in your life. It's like cleaning up a messy and cluttered room. All over a sudden, you feel that the air starts to move a little better; you feel cleaner, lighter and fresh; you feel ready to seize the day! Just as how a simple thing like these shifts our energies, the same applies to these beautiful stones...

The act of cleansing our crystals regularly is as simple as clearing away all negativity that it may have absorb to protect you, and nourishing it again with the vital energies of life. The moon, sun and the Earth to crystals are like fresh fruits and salads to our bodies. They fill them with the nourishments that they need to go about their day; radiating goodness to all that comes in contact with them directly or indirectly. Learning how to recharge your crystals regularly enhances their healing properties and its abilities to strengthen and support your intention even further...

The reason energy workers often cleanse their crystals daily is because they understand scientifically that crystals have the ability to absorb the negative energy that surrounds us in order to provide us with positive goodness. Therefore by cleansing them daily, it returns the crystals to its natural state; vibrating powerfully on the divine planes. A kitchen sponge can wipe your plates clean, but if it's never washed, it will be filled with all the debris and grease that it's meant to clean; crystals are similar. Therefore, for a crystal to work its magic, we must begin by returning its gesture through regular cleansing & energizing...




P U R I F Y I N G  &  E N E R G I Z I N G   M E T H O D S

We believe that the ultimate way to purify or energize a crystal/stone is to return it back to nature. There is nothing more powerful or pure as the vibration of the natural world. By using the elements that makes up all of life, we are in turn using the universe to restore balance back to these stones...

Below are some powerful methods which we have personally tried, tested and recommend for you to experiment with. Try them and see which resonates best with your energy. For us, we simply love the gentle rays of the full moonlight... *winks*


1) Morning Sun  

Just like how the sun is vital for our bodies and all of life, such is the same for crystals. Just leave your stones to soak in all that natural goodness as much as they want in the mornings. Best is to let it come in contact with first light for a couple of hours. Sometimes, i would leave them out a whole afternoon just to give them some extra Vitamins for the month!


2) Full Moon  

This has got to be our personal favourite, not because we are werewolves or vampires, but simply because we just adoreeee the full moon light. To use the benefits of the full moon, leave them by a window or somewhere close to nature (e.g a plant/ garden) and let them be cleansed by the divine vibrations of the full moon overnight. There is something mysterious & magical about looking up to the bright moon light on a clear night. It's the feeling of being blessed, renewed and understood; some kind of hidden romance that draws us closer on days like these. 


3) Place them in a Bowl of Water  

Another quick and easy way is to place them in a bowl of water (without a  Goldfish) and leave them under the sun, the moon, or by an altar for a few hours. P/s: Avoid using this method if your piece contains metal, strings or happens to be a selenite or you might end up with a oxidised or weaken jewelry. 


4) Return to Nature  

Leave your stones on a branch in your garden or on a plant; or put them on the soil for at least 24 hours and let the Earth and elements ground its energy and restore balance in its structure.


5) Placing them on a Crystal / Altar   

Here is another one of our favourite methods. Place them on a slightly larger crystal or in a bowl filled with loads of little crystals to purify them. Quartz and Selenites work wonders in terms of cleansing them, however we have used other crystals and they all work in their own beautiful way; with some even affecting it with intentions that has been set. Similarly to how crystal energy purifies them, you could also leave your stones on an Altar overnight. Places of worship or prayer are usually filled with beautiful healing vibrations, therefore letting your crystals sit in these environments is a sure fire way to return them back to glory once again! 


6) White Sage & Palo Santo   

Another powerful way to reset your stones is to smoke them with dried white sage or palo santo. Simply let the smoke float all over them while saying a prayer in your mind with the intent of cleansing all that is impure and filling them with the vibrations of the universe. As an alternative, incense works well too!


7) Singing Bowl  

Next, if you've been exposed to the crystal world before, chances are you may have come across this cleansing tool at least once. The singing bowl uses the vibrations created from sound that resonates at a particular frequency to cleanse, purify and re-energize your stones back to its peak state again. Best practise includes reciting a mantra or a prayer that is close to you during the cleansing process. Though this method requires practise to keep the frequency vibrating at a constant state without fluctuating too much, however once mastered, it is a quick and powerful way to recharge your stones...


8) Using our Body  

Last but not least, this has probably been one of our most used methods as it is versatile yet powerful beyond measure. This method uses our body as a tool to direct universal light and vibrations from the Earth onto your stones. It's similar to the use of Reiki or Qi Gong as a method of energy healing; except this time, it's for your stones. To do this, it is crucial to maintain a non biased and empty mind as you focus on directing healing light and universal energy using your palms as the distribution tool onto the crystal of your choosing.




S E T T I N G   I N T E N T I O N S   A F T E R   C L E A N S I N G


This step is for those who wants to manifest a certain reality in your life. Take note that this particular step is not necessary for the crystal to work its wonders, however a simple rule in manifestation is 'wherever thought goes, energy follows'. Now that you've done cleansing and re-energizing your stones, the next step is to program your crystals with intentions that would manifest the reality you want. 

To do this, find a comfortable and quiet space to sit (facing East is best). Simply place the cleansed crystal in your receiving hand (non dominant) and cover it with your other hand; leaving a small space in between you and your crystal. Next close your eyes and imagine the highest of divine white light entering your body from the cosmos through the top of your head; cleansing you and filling you up with energy.

Imagine the energy from the Earth, travelling beneath your feet, entering your body to your heart. Now visualize the outcome you desire, and say thank you for bringing it into your life once you are done visualizing. By setting a direction for you and your crystal to work with, you are increasing the speed of manifesting the life that you want. Keep your crystal with you for at least 21-90 days and witness the magic come to life..




C O M M O N   F A Q


1) Can I take a shower or go swimming with my piece?

Yes you can! However we would recommend you to remove the piece during showers/swims as water will cause the plated charms to oxidize leaving the color dull and unpleasant. It will also weaken the elastic cords therefore best would be to remove it before taking a shower or going for a swim...


2) How can I avoid the charms from getting oxidized?

Unfortunately all the plated charms will somehow get oxidized due to the perfume that we use, sweat, water contact, etc. However a way to slow the process down is by wiping your non-stainless steel charms with a cloth dipped in warm water ( this is to get all the toxics off ) and wipe it dry. As an alternative, feel free to purchase our charm wipes for your jewelry. This cloth has been impregnated with a solution that not online shines, but leaves a protective layer over your charm for your next use. Wipe your charms with this cloth everyday after usage. 


3) How do i know that a particular crystal is right for me?

Picking the right crystal is simple. It is not necessary to follow according to your birth color/date/stone as those are mere guidelines for the uncertain.

For us, crystal picking is a natural process and it requires only your intuition to know what is best for you. Simply pick the crystal that appeals to you most regardless of what it can do for you. Once you have chosen your desired crystal, then you can learn more about what it does for you physically and metaphysically. 


4) Do I need to purify my crystals?

Yes!! Gemstones are one of the many wonders of nature with its unique ability to strengthen the user and provide healing to our body and soul. To fully manifest these magical powers of nature, a proper purification process is important for us to fully enjoy the benefits that Mother Earth has to offer...


5) What does purifying do to my crystals?

The process of purifying your crystals is believed to cleanse & neutralize your crystals while opening its energy centers so that it will resonate with your being harmoniously on a spiritual level. 


6) How long once must i purify my crystals?

a) Whenever you feel like it

b)Whenever someone else uses your piece (to avoid energies clashing)

c) Or be safe like us...We use the full moon as our marker *winks*


7) Is it better to use my crystal bracelet on my left or right hand?

According to tradition, it is suppose to be your non-dominant hand (the opposite of your writing hand) as the dominant hand is supposed to be your 'giving hand' while the non-dominant is your 'receiving hand'...

However, we would say use it on whichever hand that you feel most comfortable with; simply because we believe there is always a time to give, and a time to receive...


8) Can these crystals cure sickness?

Back in the olden days, crystals were one of the many wonders of nature used in enhancing healing remedies and aid in energy healing/ Chi healing.

However, due to the lack of knowledge that people nowadays possess over sacred and ancient healing methods, we would recommend that you also seek a physician's advice if you happen to be unwell. However, crystals does help in terms of improving your energy flow which increases the vitality and natural healing systems of your body.


9) Can I add/change charms, crystals or re-design my piece whenever I feel like it?

Yes you can! Just pop by our stores anytime or send us your existing piece and we can work on a whole new design together...


10) Do you make our orders with love?

Yes!! And lots of it!!! We believe that everyone is unique, therefore each piece MUST be treated with the same passion, tenderness and love every single time. By doing so, we are certain that these creations are given a soul; and with a little pixie dust, we might just bring them to life...*winks*