"Remember what it feels like to walk out into the world freely without fear? Moments that felt like you were guided; moments of divine intervention...

Our Aura is the weakest whenever we allow fear to take over our mind and emotions. For us, we often pray and imagine that a white light with angels and saints and all those who have gone before us; the known and the unknown are there, surrounding us with their love and spirit; guarding us from all evil or harm that may come our way. 

Most of us intuitively turn to prayer or God whenever we feel afraid or alone, simply because there is an intelligence inside of us that knows about the existence of something greater than life on Earth. It's that same intelligence that makes us look up towards the sky whenever we think of the Divine.

These creatively crafted pieces are made purposefully with some of the most powerful protective stones on the planet. Be it to block out envy, psychic attacks, anger or negativity targeted at us, these creations are just the right kind of stones you want in your arsenal to always keep your Aura vibrating on a high; so that no intentional harm that comes your way is left undisrupted by Divine light..."