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Summary of properties:

A stone of Abundance, Success, Joy, Prosperity, Money, Health, Wealth, Luck, Happiness, Willpower, Creativity, Manifestation, Imagination, Intuition, Clarity, Connection, Organization, Generosity, Confidence & The courage to say 'No'.

Helps Procrastination, Self-Worth, Digestion, Endocrine system, Thyroid, Kidneys, Bladders, Fatigue, Rapidly learning, Ideas, Hope, Inspiration and Teaches us to Celebrate in life.

Why Am I Attracted To This?

Find yourself constantly procrastinating due to overwhelming amount of task, Lack motivation, Desires financial wealth, Been a victim of mental & emotional abuse which still affects you, Desires to manifest dreams/goals but something is stopping you, Feeling uninspired to act consistently, Low in energy, Feeling unhappy and needs a burst of vibrant energy to catapult yourself forward, Seeking prosperity, money & financial wealth, Seeking happiness & abundance. Being drawn to this means that the energy is aligning you with the 'destiny' that is awaiting your arrival

How Can This Stone Help Me?

Physical : 

Enhances stamina, Bring a powerful energy surge,  Helps in nourishing skin, hair and nails, Stimulates digestive organs, spleen & pancreas, Helps to eliminate infections in kidneys and bladder, Aids in fatigue, Transmutes, dissipates & grounds negative energy, Improves endocrine and encourages proper metabolism,  Helps nausea, vomiting or morning sickness

Mental :

Brings optimism, ideas, creativity & inspiration. Brings mental clarity, Removes distractions from the mind, Increases focus, Helps to overcome complex situations creatively, Removes mental blocks, illusions and limiting beliefs in regards to money, Helps you see that your destiny has always been in your hands

Emotional :

Aids in Depression, anxiety & overcoming trauma, Brings a joyful, exciting and happy energy, Helps us to overcome the feeling of being rejected by others, Brings us trust and confidence with ourselves, Brings a feeling of love, abundance and happiness, Brings gratitude to our hearts while teaching us to appreciate the little things in life

Spiritual :

Aids in spiritual surrender, Helps us to release control over our circumstances and to allow life to manifest itself, Gives us the courage to let go of the past and to focus on the future, Aids in the situations and circumstances that is serving our Divine purpose, Helps in manifesting our 'Destiny' into reality by removing all that is no longer serving our higher purpose


Wisdom From This Stone :

"If you find yourself highly connected to this stone, chances are is that you find yourself in a position where you have a dream or a goal to achieve, however for some reason, you feel uninspired to follow through on a consistent basis.

You may often find yourself sluggish or tired, or even experiencing massive fatigue; and though you know that the only way to get to where you want to be is through hard work, the motivation for you to get there just isn't enough to push you over the edge.

Being attracted to this stone normally means that our current priority in life is about getting stable and secure in our physical and financial needs. We dream of the perfect life; healthy, comfortable and abundant, however a part of us may doubt the reality of that dream manifesting due to our inability to execute...
If you find this stone being a dominant force in your mind, our advice is to heed that call and go for it! Because life for you is about to change! Biggggggg time!

I remember the first time I used this stone. There was a massive upsurge of energy that rushed through my body; waking up every dormant cell while raising my vibrations to an all time high! Ideas started flowing in my mind like never before; answering all the crucial questions that I have been thinking about for a long time in an instant. It was as if I connected to a pool of infinite wisdom which gave me the inspiration that I needed to take the next step and catapult myself forward...

Being drawn towards this crystal harmonizes your lower 3 chakras which in turn causes your energy to dominate the areas of life that is connected to the physical realm. This sudden surge of energy brings about an intense feeling of happiness; bringing our vibration to a state of Abundance; whereby 'Gratitude', 'Appreciation' and 'Giving' begins to govern your thoughts and actions rather than the feeling of 'Lack', 'Scarcity' or 'Not Enough'.

This change in mood elevates our state thus bringing us in perfect alignment with our gifts/passion/dreams; making us receptive towards the wisdom of the universe that is in line with our path. 'Execution', 'willpower' and 'drive' would be some of the words that would perfectly sum up the energy this stone brings; while 'Love', 'Abundance' & 'Happiness' would be some of the emotions that will begin to govern your life...

However the trick to working with this crystal is to Surrender your will/path/life/dreams completely to the universe, and to trust that 'Only Good' lies ahead of you. By letting go and allowing yourself to walk in your 'Divine Path', you are allowing the universe to manifest the life that you deserve with ease rather than working towards building a dream that is not meant to be yours...

By opening yourself up to the 'Will of God/the Universe/Life', you free yourself from the chains that were holding you down while allowing Destiny to take its place in your life. Be prepared to feel off balance in the beginning stages of using this stone as it will raise your vibration drastically to be in alignment with the crystal, thus making you feel dizzy, nauseous or even unwell for a few hours...

This beautiful stone carries the power of the sun, and is one of the 2 crystals in the entire mineral kingdom that does not require cleansing; the other is kyanite. Often dubbed the merchant's stone, Citrine is known not only for acquiring wealth, but also helps in maintaining it. A stone of abundance which attracts prosperity, wealth, success and happiness. It encourages generosity and for us to share our goodwill and blessings.

A powerful stone of manifestation, willpower and intense imagination, it clears the mind and stirring the hunger within which pushes us to take action. It's vibration aids in speeding the process of transforming dreams into reality by maintaining our vibrations in line with our dreams thus helping us attract the circumstances that will manifest the life that we want.

Being called to this stone means we are being called to 'Surrender'. It means to let go of the things that are no longer serving you, and to focus only on what's thriving. It means to listen to the whispers in your heart, and to let that voice guide your actions. It means, to allow the Divine energy of the Universe to flow through you my abundantly; manifesting the life that the Creator had for you when He dreamt you up...


Chakra :

Solar Plexus

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