Picasso Jasper

October 04 2022 – Joshua Levi Rasen

Picasso Jasper

Picasso Jasper


Summary of Properties :

A stone of Courage, Discovery, Success, Luck, Abundance, Creativity, Truthful Expression, Artistry, Joy, Celebration, Calming, Protection, Strength, Love, Gentleness, Self-care, Focus, Financial stability, Sparks curiosity, Inner clarity, Relationships, Stress relief, Anxiety, Growth, Confidence, Discovering soul’s purpose, Spiritual Awakening

Helps in Weight loss, Metabolism, Infections, Pregnancy, Regain physical strength, Eye problems, Depression, Digestion, Immune system, Circulatory system, Sexual organs 

Why Am I Attracted To This Stone?

  • Desires to know your reason for being more deeply
  • Feeling confused about your purpose, life or the choices that you need to make
  • Anxious, stressed or in difficulty
  • Desires to enjoy life more and to reconnect with nature
  • Feeling mental, emotional & spiritual imbalance
  • Seeking to feel safe, secure and loved


How Can This Stone Help Me?

  • Powerful grounding stone to keep us feeling safe, protected & loved
  • Brings a heightened sense of gentleness, calmness and awareness in moments of chaos
  • Protects our aura and the purity of our light within
  • Helps us to understand our purpose and the reason behind the choices we make
  • It reconnects us to the energy of our soul while making our true heart’s desires and soul’s purpose the priority in our life
  • Brings great mental clarity and helps us to interpret our thoughts
  • Keeps us calm, connected and aware of what’s important, thus making us reach our goals faster
  • Helps you to connect to the beauty within, the beauty around and also to see the beauty in others
  • Boost creativity and artistic gifts
  • Brings a sense of patience, kindness and care into our lives; particularly for ourselves
  • Improves health by helping weight loss and stabilizing the nutritional absorption of vitamins & minerals in our bodies
  • A stone of abundance, wealth, health & prosperity
  • Helps to clear energy blockages which results in better health and a better immune system
  • Helps to ease the tension in relationships which are unstable by removing the anger, jealousy, hatred, bitterness or insecurities inside while making way for acceptance; which in turn helps us focus our attention at the root cause of the problem



Wisdom From The Stone : 

“If you’ve ever had the chance to connect with this stone on a personal level, you will find it hard for you to leave its sight. My very first encounter with the stone happened in a period when I was actively searching for a deeper meaning and purpose to my existence. I wasn’t convinced with my thoughts or actions. There wasn’t a clear direction or intention to where I was going or to what I was trying to create.

I remember struggling to find meaning and purpose in my work. I didn’t know how I was supposed to contribute to this company or how the past led me here. I searched endlessly in the world around me to find clarity. I searched everything and everywhere around me except one place, the world within me. 

Being drawn to this stone often means that a breakthrough in our journey is around the corner. This usually comes with overwhelming moments filled with uncertainty, stress, anxiety and in some cases depression. While most of us view these emotions as ‘negative’, they serve as powerful ‘signals’ for unresolved issues that requires our direct attention. It is in moments like these where we are pushed to our limits; forcing us to look beyond our current circumstances; shifting our perspectives and view on life forever…

The Picasso brings a sense of gentle and nurturing kindness into our lives. It soothes and calms our senses, keeping us feeling grounded, connected and ‘present’ despite the troubles that we face. Often times when we are overwhelmed with challenges, we tend to lose our balance which causes our thoughts, emotions and actions to be all over the place. This stone brings a powerful sense of awareness in moments like these by shifting our vibration to raise us above the problem; keeping us calm, collected and in-tact with the most glorious side of us…

In this new state, the Picasso brings about moments of breakthroughs to our lives which often comes in the form of creative ideas, visions and vivid imaginations; giving us a powerful sense of clarity over our soul’s choice, purpose and our reason for being. 

Apart from that, being connected to this gemstone often gives us a creative outlook on life; bringing about the courage to overcome the challenges ahead with a deep sense of knowing that we are being ‘guided’ by something which is greater than us. 

By being ‘in-flow’ with the Life, and trusting that Universe ‘has our back’, we begin to remove ourselves from the things that are no longer serving our highest purpose, while gradually falling into the path of our ‘Destiny’; opening our eyes to the beauty within, the beauty around, and the beauty that resides in others…

Having said that, this stone is also a powerful stone of abundance, love and wealth; connecting you closely all that is currently in your life, while opening you up to receive the blessings that is waiting to come your way…”

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