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Summary of properties :

A stone of Transformation, Inner work, Love, Understanding, Wisdom, Realization, Confidence, Memory, Abundance, Spiritual Growth, Protection, Clarity, Anxiety, Overcoming Fear, Willpower, Helps with jet lag, Clears electromagnetic pollutants, Guard against radiation

Helps in menstrual cycle, Eases Labor, Intestinal problems, Kidney, Parkinson's disease, Epilepsy, Lowers blood pressure, Rheumatism, Heals bones & joints, Heals Tumor, Enhances Immune system, Releases liver toxins

Why Am I Attracted To This Stone? 

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How Can This Stone Help Me?

Physically :

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Mentally :

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Emotionally :

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Spiritually :

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Chakras : Heart, Crown

Origin : Namibia

Element : Earth

Zodiac : Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, Libra

Birthstone : April, May

Mineral Description :

- Chemical composition: Cu₂CO₃(OH)₂

Wisdom From This Stone :

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Summary :

"Being called to this stone means we are being called to 'BE' the source of God's presence in the life of another. It means that our pain, our sufferings and our wounds are not meant solely for us, but for the one after you;

Because when we heal, we heal for two people; one is 'You', and the other is the next person that is going to need your strength, your kindness, your wisdom, your love and your compassion..."

Meditation :

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History, Myths & Legends :

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