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Summary of properties :

A stone of Self-realization, Strength, Courage, Purpose, Enlightenment, Integrity, Willpower, Balance, Acceptance, Abundance, Protection, Confidence, Truth, Love, Joy, Creativity, Happiness, Fulfilment, Connection, Hidden memories, Luck, Prosperity, Money, Fortune, Mental stability, Perspective, Enthusiasm

Helps to Boost vitality, Instinct for self-diagnosis, Early detection of illnesses,  Understanding the root problem of illness, Endometriosis, Impotence

Why Am I Attracted To This Stone? 

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How Can This Stone Help Me?

Physically :

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Mentally :

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Emotionally :

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Spiritually :

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Chakras : Solar Plexus

Origin : Bolivia

Element : Earth

Zodiac : Leo

Birthstone : Midsummer (July 22 to August 21)

Mineral Description :

- Chemical composition: FeS2

Wisdom From This Stone :

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Summary :

"If you find yourself connected to this stone, it means that the internal part of your 'Being' is waiting to be realized. It means that your soul longs to understand its 'Purpose'; to know why you're here and to demonstrate your 'TRUE' beauty into the world.

It means that a deeper part of you wants to be FOUND; to be open to 'Give and Receive'; to be 'Open' to Abundance. A deeper part of you wants to truly discover your fullest potential, to 'Express' yourself from a higher place, and to be the 'Source' of Divine Presence in the life of another..."

Meditation :

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History, Myths & Legends :

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