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Summary Of Properties: 

A stone of Calming, Stillness, Tenderness, Open mindedness, Patience, Stress relief, Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression, Healing from old pains, Reducing anger, Calms overactive minds, Brings perspective, Spiritual awareness, Divine attunement, Selflessness, Compassion

Why Am I Attracted To This Stone?

Looking for higher purpose, Seeking inner peace, Overthinking, Suffering from anxiety, Stressed, Working in high pressure environments, Feeling depressed, Having insomnia, Unable to let go of old pains, Ready for deep healing,  Looking to increase calmness especially in moments of distress, Seeking alignment with the Divine

How Can This Stone Help Me?

Physically :

In Tibet, this stone is popularly used to absorb toxic from ones body, especially the liver, which results in the stone sacrificing itself and turning yellowish grey in colour.

Helps to balance calcium levels, Strengthen bones & teeth, Relieving pains, Grows luscious shiny hair, Aids in insomnia, Calms anxious physical movements that surfaces from internal sufferings

Mentally :

Calms the mind to prevent overthinking, Reliefs stress from situations that is out of our control, Aids anxiety by calming the mind and bringing stillness, Brings patience, Inspires us to learn from the pain in our life, Aids in memory retention, Great stone for scholars and students especially those under highly focused environments, Inspires thoughtful reasoning & discernment for problems faced

Emotionally :

Aids in releasing old pains, traumas or memories from the past by helping us to learn from each memory through empathy, compassion and deeper understanding. 

Helps to reduce the wearers anger & anger that is directed towards them.

Aids parents in handling boisterous children through patience, love & understanding.

Helps us to accept, make peace and to understand the reason behind the rudeness, thoughtlessness and disrespect shown by others by heightening our awareness over the situation.

Helps to ease irritation caused by others, and encourages us to direct empathy and kindness towards those who are hurting us.

Spiritually :

Inspires us to learn from every trigger, pain and emotional attachment.

Encourages us to release old pain by making peace with the past, Brings 'Acceptance' into our lives, Brings 'Stillness' of the senses which encourages us to view our pain from a higher perspective, Helps us to release old emotions that are no longer serving our higher purpose, Aids selfishness, Absorbs negativity, Brings wisdom & Divine attunement to our 'Higher-self'

Howlite helps us to seek deeper understanding over those that has caused us pain; teaching us that 'Hurt People', hurt people. 


Wisdom From The Stone :

"Being drawn to the Howlite often means that you have endured terrible sufferings, constant stress, anxious moments and days where you felt like you were spiralling into depression.

It often comes to people who have experienced the depths of 'pain' caused by external sources; people who were/still are silently fighting their own battles without anyone to rely on for help; yet always ready to lend a helping hand if someone needs them.

It you find yourself attracted to this stone, chances are is that you've reached to a point in life where you're strong enough to allow 'healing' to take place.

It means that there is a part of you which is in need of deep healing. Wounds like these often shows up as worries (normally about the same thing), stress, irritation and being easily overwhelmed in our daily lives.

It shows up as anxiety, impatience and emotional instability which often happens through triggers which we are not aware of; causing us to be thrown off-balance when it happens. Though you may have learnt to cope with all of these mental and emotional stresses in your life on a daily basis, it may not necessarily mean that you've 'let it go' completely from your life.

Being called to this stone means that we are being called to 'Surrender' our pain, worries and sorrows to mother nature. It is a sign that the Divine sees our struggles; a sign that something BIGGER is happening behind the scenes.

It is a sign to stop 'fighting' and to start 'accepting'. To let go of 'What was', and to open ourselves to 'What is'.  

It brings a 'higher perspective' to the problems in our lives; helping us uncover the hidden meaning behind each painful memory; while teaching us to 'Accept, learn and let go' of each moment, making them powerful gifts of empowerment.

The Howlite represents the spiritual qualities of stillness, open-mindedness and tenderness. It brings a wonderful sense of calmness in moments of adversity; bringing about a gentle flow of 'Grace' into our lives; easing the stress around an issue, while reminding us of the daily blessings in our lives.

It teaches us to release control over things that are beyond our control; while bringing a sense of 'Faith' in our lives that the Universe 'HAS OUR BACK'.

Last but not least, Howlites are extremely calming which brings a heightened sense of awareness, patience and perspectives into our lives. It prepares us to receive wisdom and guidance from the Higher Self by helping us relax and gently ease into inner awareness; bringing about the 'best of us' to the people around... "

History, Myths & Legends :

Found only in Canada & North America, this stone was not included in any texts  by the ancient or medieval Old World lapidaries; though it has been included in many modern lapidaries. 

This beautiful white stone was first documented in 1868 in a Canadian Gypsum mine in Nova Scotia.  The miners complained about a stone that was getting in the way of their mining, and this complaint soon came to the attention of Henry How (1828-1879), a mineralogist connected with the Nova Scotia Museum.  How soon determined that the stone was actually a new mineral and he included it in his book, The Mineralogy of Nova Scotia, calling it “silico-boro-calcite.”  After How’s death, his student, James Dwight Dana (1813-1895), re-named the mineral Howlite to honor his late teacher.

Despite its lack of documented history, Howlite has been long known amongst Native American tribes as the “White Buffalo Stone". Famous for its white porcelain surface with greyish veins, it is believed that the Howlite was often used as an instrumental tool for spiritual seekers in the past; bringing about deep insights, wisdom and revelations to those who were in tune with its magnetic field. 

In Tibet, this stone is popularly used to absorb toxic from ones body, especially the liver, which results in the stone sacrificing itself and turning yellowish grey in colour.

Chakas :

Crown Chakra : Clears path for stones connected to the Crown.

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