Natural Volcanic Lava Rock

January 02 2023 – Joshua Levi Rasen

Natural Volcanic Lava Rock

Natural Volcanic Lava Rock


Summary of Properties :

A stone of Strength, Wisdom, Understanding, Fertility, Guidance, Grounding, Protection, Dreamwork, Balancing emotions, Courage, Focus, Creativity, Communication, Cleansing negativity

Aids in Muscle tension relief, Blood Circulation, Nourishing skin

Why Am I Attracted To This Stone?

In a state of uncertainty, Undergoing a massive struggle, Looking for stability, Feeling insecure with basic needs, Seeking for a deeper connection with oneself, Searching for Wisdom & Deeper Understanding, Seeking to reconnect with nature and the people around you, Thinking of starting a family, Desires to feel safe & secure; the feeling of being divinely guided by mother nature, Searching for meaning in our challenges, Desires to create

How Can This Stone Help Me?

Physically :

Helps blood circulation, Enhances fertility, Improves strength and stability, Relieves muscle tension

Mentally :

Grounds our anxieties, Brings deeper understanding & wisdom, Aids in mental stability, Brings clarity

Emotionally :

Aids in effective communication, Helps in emotional stability, Brings empathy and compassion through understanding, Helps to dissipate anger, Inspires us in order to lift our moods

Spiritually :

Helps us to let go of the things that we cannot control and to focus on the things that we can, Grounds us back to the present, Brings a deeper connection physically & spiritually, Teaches us that through destruction comes creation, Helps us to stay calm in the chaos, Energizes us with wisdom & insights, Gives us the courage and strength to overcome our struggles

Wisdom From This Stone :

"To fully understand the nature of this stone, we must first understand the origins of its life. This powerful stone that we so often underestimate is probably the only rock on Earth that could possibly contain the traces of every single mineral this Earth has to offer.

Since most minerals can be traced back to molten lava, it is no wonder that countries with volcanoes often has a beauty that is beyond what we can ever imagine. The grounds on which beauty blossoms from the brink of destruction is truly breath-taking; simply because through eruptions, the soil on our Planet becomes rich with minerals again; benefiting all life that surrounds it.

To us, we believe that this is the very foundation on which all life is created. It is said that we can reverse the effects of climate change if 'Enough' volcanoes erupts in a specific time frame.

Its healing benefits are the very same reason why it's used as the inner wall and floor in hot spring tubs, to help plants grow, to purify water, etc.

CG and I have always held this stone very close to our hearts, not only for its magical uses, but because each time we look at a humble lava bead, it reminds us of our origins as a species; the formation of our lands; the beginning of life; the chaos and the calm. It is the very reason we believe that destiny made this the very first stone that WTF ever sourced and sold all those years ago.

It was the  beginning of our history as a company focused on healing people's lives. To us, it is the most sacred of rocks...

If you find yourself connected to this beautiful stone, chances are is that you may be at a point in life where you feel a lack of stability, connection and understanding in your life.

You may be feeling uncertain about where you currently are and anxious about the future. You may want to start a family or to take that next step in life, however for some reason, you fear the possibility of failure and the Imbalance that untamed fires may bring into your life.

A massive part of you wants to understand your current circumstance. You desire wisdom over your own life, however because of your current circumstances, it's sometimes difficult to see pass the struggles.

Our guess is, your priority right now is about safety, security and stability in Life. It's about being able to reconnect to the divine in you, and to make sense of all that is happening around you.

Being called by the lava rock often means that we are being called to surrender our anxieties, insecurities and worries back to Mother Earth. It means that we are being called to the 'Present'; to accept the our current circumstances as it is, and to recognize the abundance and blessings around us.

Having a lava rock close by gives us the strength and courage to take each challenge as it comes while keeping us calm & grounded to the present. It removes us from a space of 'Fear' and 'Lack', into one that is filled with 'Thankfulness' and 'Abundance'; showing us that 'Gratitude' is the doorway for 'Grace' to flow freely into our lives.

Apart from that, being connected to the lava rock brings you the wisdom and understanding that you need to empathize with those around you. It encourages humility & compassion, while teaching us that the most magical of creations often comes from the most violent destructions.

Since basalt is formed from molten lava, and molten lava was once rock that is heated so much it turned to liquid, you can only imagine the strength, fire and power contained within these stones...

One drawn to basalt/lava rock may need some fire energy into their life..."

Chakra : Root Chakra

Element : Earth &  Fire

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