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Summary of properties:

Often called the Poet's stone for Seekers of Truth.

A stone of Truth, Wisdom, Logic, Communication, Creative expression, Honesty of emotions, Love, Harmony, Deeper connection, Calming tensed situations, Stimulates thoughts, Observation, Brings perspectives, Clarity, Learning, Focus, Understanding, Leadership, Intelligence, Knowledge, Patience, Awakening & Unites the logical with the spiritual. 

Helps Anxiety, Depression, Digestive system, Lymphoma, Blood pressure, Insomnia, Combats radiation damage, Encourages Self-esteem, Self-worth, Self-Trust

Why Am I Attracted To This Stone?

Desires deeper wisdom, Sudden interest in 'lost/ancient' knowledge, Desire to express, teach and share your wisdom, Desire to have a deeper understanding about Oneself, Searching for the truth, Seeking transformation, Seeking peace and clarity, Impulsive, Desires to find meaning in your struggles, Seeking divine wisdom and guidance

How Can This Stone Help Me?

Physical :

A powerful stone for lymphatic cancer, Aids in drawing out the toxins and chemicals in the body in order to allow natural healing to take place, Beneficial for the glands, diabetes & digestive system, Relieves insomnia, Clears electromagnetic pollution, Helps water retention, Regulates blood pressure, Useful in treating throat, vocal cords and larynx, Soothes hoarseness and laryngitis, Helps to combat damage due to radiation

Mental :

Stabilises the mind, Keeps you focused, Strengthens the mind, Enhances creativity, Brings inspiration especially for writers, Increases self-awareness, Calms the mind during chaotic or critical moments, Connects the logical to the spiritual, Helps us to recognize impulsive actions, Stimulates thoughts, Aids Communication

Emotional :

Increases self-esteem, Builds trust with ourselves, Brings emotional stability, Encourages authentic expression, Promotes truthfulness, Promotes understanding and assist in coming to terms with issues of ageing, lost of fertility, empty nest syndrome and entering a new phase of life.

Spiritual :

Helps us to better understand the life we are living, and how we came to be in the situation in which we find ourselves, Brings divine connection, Helps to gain intellectual understanding and a clearer perspective of oneself or a situation, Great stone for meditating especially when focusing on the third eye, Prevents unhealthy inner chatter and distractions, Helps us to see the hidden lesson in each struggle and to learn from it through self-examination, Helps us to communicate, teach and share our knowledge and experiences with others.


Wisdom From The Stone :

If you find yourself called to this stone, chances are is that you are entering a very powerful stage of healing in your life. Though everything around you may seem like its crumbling apart, every now and then you get a glimmer of hope that something more is awaiting you on the horizon. However despite your best efforts to keep yourself in a positive state, for some reason you find yourself falling deeper and deeper with each passing day.

You may find yourself feeling confused about this roller coaster life that you have; often wondering if life is always going to be a struggle, or if there is some kind of an end to your troubles. While everything around you may seem like its falling apart, it may actually be 'Falling into place'. 

When we found ourselves first connected to the look and energy of this stone, we were mesmerized by the veins that looked like Lightning on a stormy evening. We were awe struck by the beauty in the chaos on the stone. What we didn't realize was, that this stone would bring us on a journey of navigating the storms within us.

It gave us a sense of calmness despite all that was going on. It helped us see the purpose of our struggles, and to understand the reason we had to go through the things that we did. It helped us search our feelings and to examine ourselves in order to find deeper meaning, purpose and understanding in every circumstance; thus making our lives a testament for those who are on a similar path. 

Being called to this stone means that we are being given the power to search, serve and to inspire. It means that Life has chosen us to be a messenger; a keeper wisdom and a teacher of love. It means that we are called to share our knowledge with our communities, and to serve others through the wisdom that the Universe has bestowed upon us.

It shows us that the reason our lives were falling apart, was not to punish or harm us, but to give us the necessary ingredients, tools and opportunities that we needed to pick ourselves back up in order to share our experiences with someone else. It brings the chaos in the calm, and the calm in the chaos; teaching us that the purpose of chaos is for us to grow; and the calm, to learn.

Being attracted to a sodalite brings about the energy of 'Truth' in our lives. It forces us to live a life of 'Authentic expression'; bringing to light our desire for deeper understanding, while uniting the logical with the Spiritual. Being the stone of truth, Sodalite inspires Divine knowledge and wisdom. It aids us in connecting and communicating our truths to the world around us. It brings to surface our loving nature while making us a powerful instrument of peace...

Being highly attuned to a Sodalite makes 'Truth', 'Wisdom', 'Knowledge' and 'Divine Purpose' the priority in our lives. It causes a dis-ease in us whenever we find ourselves not living these 'Truths', thus forcing us to rethink our Intentions and to use our energy and resources in service of something bigger than ourselves...

It teaches us to our journey inwards is not merely an attempt to search for our identity, rather it is an attempt to prepare us to serve that which is greater than us. Often called a Poet's Stone, the Sodalite aids in communicating our truths and expressing our inner most wisdom, making our lives a powerful expression of the Divine; a Perfect Storm..."

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