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Summary of properties:

A stone of Spiritual transformation, Connection, Divine intervention, Hope, Comfort, Strength, Resilience, Grounding, Uplifting, Courage, Patience, Support, Emotional Healing, Acceptance, Wisdom, Letting Go, Transmutation, Awakening, Intuition, Determination, Deeper understanding, Divine love. 

Why am I attracted to this stone?

  • Seeking transformation
  • Trying to heal from deep emotional pain, suffering or failures that has caused a loss of confidence in one’s self
  • Low self-worth
  • Seeking a deeper connection with yourself
  • Feeling a sense of emptiness, confusion or unfulfilled
  • Hoping for divine intervention
  • Constantly seeking for external validation unconsciously 


How Can This Stone Help Me?

  • Realigning us by connecting the heart, mind and the spirit 
  • Helps us in moments of ‘transition’ by filling us up with love in times where we feel misunderstood, unloved, unheard or unwanted
  • Helps us to see the pain for what it is, to accept it and to learn from it
  • Aids in spiritual transformation by reconnecting us with the light witin
  • Connects our experiences with our purpose
  • Brings a deeper sense of awareness, understanding and love into our lives


Wisdom From The Stone : 

“When it comes to understanding the energy and wonders of Charoite, 3 words comes to mind. Transformation, love & divine connection. Normally when we are called to this stone, it usually means we are currently going through a powerful spiritual transformation. It means that our  ‘personality’ is longing to reconnect with the ‘energy of our soul’. What that looks like in real life, is that you may find yourself all beaten down, nowhere to go, nowhere to turn; you’ve all but given up and surrendered your life to the Universe. All you wish to know is, ‘What does it take to make life work for you?’

The process of spiritual transformation is a process of reconnecting with ourselves on a very powerful level, and often the process involves some terrible form of pain & suffering which tears us apart; causing us to feel lonely, shattered, misunderstood, unloved and unwanted. It brings us down to our knees, begging for help, and it is in moments like these, where we find the humility and strength to let go of our ideals, and to reconnect with the divine in us once again…

The Charoite aids us in moments of transition like these. It helps us to realise that each painful experience, always comes with a gift that is hidden beneath it all. It helps us to learn the lessons that we need to learn while reminding us of the ‘Gift’ that we are to this world. It teaches us that the presence of darkness is an opportunity for us to ‘shine our light’. It is a chance for us to learn from the pain, and to turn it into a powerful force of creation. It is a chance to serve; a chance to answer our ‘Divine call’…

Having said that, the Charoite aids in reconnecting our heart, third eye and crown chakras while inviting the healing light of the divine to move through us. It gives us the courage to love ourselves unconditionally all over again while building a powerful connection within ourselves like never before. 

By learning from the lessons and reconnecting with the ‘light’ in us, we become a ‘Masterpiece of life’; a blessing to all those who are touched by our presence. We become a ‘Gift’. We become an offering to humanity…

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