Lapis Lazuli

October 06 2022 – Joshua Levi Rasen

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli


Summary of properties:

A stone of Wisdom, Knowledge, Truth, Inner power, Intuition, Memory, Organization, Success, Communication, Divine Connection, Self-awareness, Honesty, Compassion, Mental & emotional virility, Mind power, Concentration, Inspiration, Expression, Creativity, Clarity, Centring, Manifesting and brings Harmony to relationships.

Helps in Immune system, Cancer, Headaches, Nervous system, Thyroid, Heart, Insomnia, Speech, Depression, Vision, Repairing DNA & the Bridge between Men and Divine.

Why Am I Attracted To This Stone?

Feeling confused, unsure or uncertain about your path, Curious about ancient civilisation, mysteries & myths, Curious about own limits & desires to find our the hidden mysteries of life, Believes that there is more to life than what meets the eye, Curious about spirituality & how it relates to our current circumstances, Seeking to understand one's own soul more deeply, Searching for meaning, purpose & truths , Seeking the Divine and wanting to connect deeper with 'Life', Appreciates deep conversations about purpose, life and existence on a whole


How Can This Stone Help Me?

Physical :

Helpful in sinus, cancer, headaches & nervous system, speech problems, pituitary gland, body strength, pain relief, heart, immune system, bones, autism, depression, epilepsy, seizures, eye and vertigo vision problems, sleep disorders including insomnia, thyroid and repair damaged DNA.

Great stone for protection especially in crystal grids to protect an environment.

This stone is also known as the 'Healing Medicine Buddha's' stone.

Mental :

Brings great vision & clarity, Expands our awareness, Reveals inner truths, Gives us the courage to express ourselves with integrity, Helps us to see past propaganda/lies, Brings wisdom & good judgement, Aids in intellectual & analytical task, Helps in organising.

Emotional :

Improves human connection & communication skills through heightened awareness, Brings a deep understanding and empathy for 'Why people do what they do', Brings resolution to anger and resentment that has been suppressed, Helps in writing & enhancing creativity

Spiritual :

Increases self-awareness & aids in spiritual awakenings, Helps in Balancing the Throat & Third Eye Chakra, Deepens our connection with our intuition which creates a bridge for the Divine to flow through us, Assisting in contact with Guardian Angel, Connects the physical & celestial planes


Wisdom From The Stone :

Probably one of the most historically rich stones, this stone has mystified people for millenniums; as far back as recorded history goes. Being called by this stone often means that we are in a powerful stage of spiritual awakening.

We constantly find ourselves questioning the realities around us or even have a sudden interest in ancient histories that has no connection to our lives. We feel a sudden need to understand the ways of great civilizations and to discover the secrets to their greatness.

This sometimes comes in the form of spiritual void, whereby you feel like the systems in which you've been accustomed to no longer seems legit; causing you to fee confused, unsure and doubtful about the life you've been living. 

Being attracted to a Lapis Lazuli makes communication, truth and spiritual awareness a priority in life. It reveals the inner truths about deep questions that we may have been pondering upon and brings about a powerful sense of self awareness. 

It brings to surface issues or anger that we may have surpressed; helping to diminish the dis-ease within us while bringing about the strength to express our hearts without holding back or compromising the integrity of our words.

This in turn begins the process of releasing us from the illusions that are surrounding our lives, making us see past lies and propoganda while opening our mind to question the 'Facts' in order to uncover the truths surrounding the subject. 

Working with a Lapis Lazuli aids in our spiritual awakening, connecting us to our intuition thus building a bridge for Divine wisdom to flow into our lives. Often times, one may feel like their whole life is falling apart; even to the extend of feeling like a stranger in your own house.

While it's no surprise that others may start finding you weird, however your ability to see the truths without distortion ignites a strong sense of Empathy and kindness in you; bringing about a deeper understanding about the insecurities and fears of those around you.

This is the part of your life where everything that you've known or built starts falling apart; paving the way for a greater future that awaits the 'Higher You'. This beautiful gem is also known as one of the most mystifying stones which is thought to be the bridge between man and the divine; the connection between the physical & celestial planes; creating a strong spiritual connection, assisting in contact with your personal guardian angels here and in the afterlife...

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