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Summary of properties :

This mineral was also found on planet Mars.

A stone of Stability, Grounding, Protection, Logical thinking, Articulation, Organizing mind, Focus, Confidence, Builds self esteem, Honesty, Strength, Anxiety, Security, Protection during Astral travels, Making peace with negative experiences, Letting go of unhealthy thought patterns, Removes limitations, Encourages self-care

Aids in blood circulation, Releases blood clots & stops bleeding, Anemia, Encourage preventative healthcare

Why Am I Attracted To This Stone?

Desires mental, emotional, physical or spiritually stability, Currently undergoing a huge battle, Looking for confidence, strength and the feeling of being protected, Prone to distraction, anxious & lack of focus, Having creators block, Desires to express yourself with more confidence, clarity & creativity

How Can This Stone Help Me?

Physical :

Physical stability, Prevent excessive bleeding, Regulate blood flow, Removes blood clots when wrapped around the affected area or rubbed into skin, Aids high blood pressures, Ease heavy periods, Increase tissue vitality, Detoxifies the body, Increases stamina, Helps anemia whenever the body is weakened while aiding us in navigating through critical modes, Heals the root chakra

Mental :

Mental stability,  Strength to overcome battles or overwhelming odds, Helps a flighty mind, prone to distraction, anxious or lack of focus, Increases memory, Increases learning abilities, Stimulates ideas and imagination, Sharpens the mind, Helps is self expression and to articulate one's thoughts, Releases us from our own limitations, Aids in logical thinking

Emotional :

Emotional stability, Stimulates creativity, sexuality and ignites our passions, Grounds our emotions, anxieties and pressures, Unlocks our sexual energies (vital life force of creation) to move our creative energies that are dormant, Great to increase a mind-heart coherence, Unlocks sexual vibrations (creative force), Helps to balance our root chakra by prioritising our basic needs such as food, comfort, rest, etc., Encourages us to make 'self-care' our priority

Spiritual :

Spiritual stability, Protection, Victory over the battles within, Connected to Planet Mars (God of War), Helps in fighting your inner demons, Brings courage, willpower and the confidence to make decisions without the fear of failure, Gives us the courage to see things 'as it is' and to heal from it, Helps us in lifting the feelings of shame, guilt and fear while replacing them with the determination to create breakthroughs, Aids in keeping us connected to our bodies/Earth while engaging in high spiritual work.


Wisdom From This Stone :

"If you find yourself drawn towards this stone, it simply means that you are ready to break out from 'what was' in order to find out what the Universe has for you. Though every inch of you is crying for the 'warrior' in you to show up and claim your victory, however you often find yourself getting distracted too easily by your surroundings. You find it hard to focus, hard to find the inspiration or the creativity that you need to take the next step in your life.

There may be times where you find yourself physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually unstable; like a constant loop or matrix that is keeping you trapped away from your dreams and goals. Sometimes, you feel yourself taking 1 step forward and 3 steps back; causing you to feel frustrated, angry and irritated with yourself. 

This feeling then projects into your environment, the people around you; sending out signals into the Universe; bringing back experiences that are against your wishes, but sadly, in line with your actions; causing you to feel disconnected from yourself, from your dreams and from your 'Gift'...

Being called to the Hematite means that it is time to break past your limitations and to free yourself into the most creative period of your life. It means that the Universe is ready for you to unleash your power; to unleash yourself. Though breaking often means breaking apart the barriers that has been created by your past or your old relationships, It also means that the world that you've to know, may no longer be the world that you will come to find in the future. It means that your current world may fall apart, so that your future can fall into place...

This stone comes to us in moments like these, helping us navigate the unstable terrains of life, while keeping us grounded and connected to the world around us. It gives us a sense of security in our lives; a feeling like we have it under control. It helps us see past the clutter, organise our thoughts and ideas, while giving us the confidence to execute our plans without the fear of failing.

It teaches us that greatness isn't possible without risking our all; that creation bears more failures than successes; lessons that ultimately becomes the source of our blessings. It prepares us for the battle ahead, keeping us stable from within, and showing us that courage isn't the absence of fear; instead, it is act of fearing something so much, yet daring ourselves to do it anyway...


Ancient History :

Throughout history , Hematite has been known as a stone of great healing power and also for its ability to serve as a protective cloak. The Iron rose as it was sometimes called has long left an impression on the Earth. Far back in history, the stone was considered to be an early form of a mirror thanks to its reflective sheen.

Native Americans :

Thousands of years ago, the Native Americans crushed this stone and rubbed its pigment on their body as war paint. It was said to protect them during battles and made them feel invincible...
This practise was also used in the Roman and Greek empires...

Ancient Romans :

The ancient Romans used to worship this stone as a symbol of courage, invincible strength, and protection by the God of War, Mars.

Nicknamed the Iron rose for its high content in iron, this stone was often used on the battlefield and in childbirth to prevent excessive bleeding back in ancient days.

Modern Discovery :

Apart from being linked and to the God of War, Mars, this stone was also found abundantly on Mars by Nasa's Curiosity Rover back in 2017.
It is said the the fine-grains of this stone is what gives the planet its rusty red colour.

Often used as red pigment for art in the past, this stone was also used by prehistoric men for etching their ideas & history in caves.

Ancient Egyptians :

In its full form, this stone adorned the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs; believed to have been used for protection.

For three thousand years, (as far as recorded history can trace) this stone was used by farmers and magicians(healers in the past) to protect themselves from evil spells and curses...

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