The Untold Story Behind Our 'Intentions' Collection & How It Can Help

December 02 2021 – Joshua Levi Rasen

The Untold Story Behind Our 'Intentions' Collection & How It Can Help

The Untold Story Behind Our 'Intentions' Collection & How It Can Help

"It's our intention. Our intention is everything. Nothing happens on this planet without it. Not one single thing has ever been accomplished without intention." - Jim Carrey 

Hey there fam, 
By now, most of you have seen our latest collection called 'Intentions' which we released last week after almost 3 months of preparation and sneak previews. Though there were many pictures and intentions shared during the weeks leading up to the launch, however we've never really written about the story that inspired this collection on this blog; so here we go!
After months and months of hard work and preparations, we are so excited to be here with all of you; ready to take things to the next level and to elevate the life of humanity on a whole as much as we can...

Over the past 8 years of being in business, we've always pondered over one question with no avail, "Why do we exist?"

A Strange Encounter

Many years ago back in 2016, we had an encounter with a lady who visited our shop in Gurney Plaza, who asked a question which continued to linger in our heads. She looked at our products and asked, "If the world is recovering from a global catastrophe, how would your profession be useful?"

At the time, I was taken aback by her question and by the manner in which she asked, as it sounded as if she thought our job was unimportant. However we said nothing and just smiled and said that we would heal the world through art; as that was the only thing we could think of at that moment in time...

However, after she left, her question haunted me for months and months as I started to ask myself the same exact question; "How can we be of use if the world is recovering from a disaster?"

This question resonated so much with what CG and I always pondered upon when we had meetings with one another. It hit the very core of us, "Why do we exist?" 

For years we would revisit this question over and over again without an answer; trusting that life and God will reveal to us our true purpose as we move along. Covid19 taught us that our lives could change in an instant. The difference between chasing dreams and fighting for survival is a single moment; that's all it is...

Finding Our Calling

However as the saying goes, "All stars are born in the darkness," and so was the case for us. 3 months ago, we felt that we may have discovered our true calling for the first time in our lives. However, based on experience, we know that we can never be certain at how life unfolds for us. As we look back at how our lives took such a massive turn in the past 3 decades, the only thing I am sure of is that we simply cannot comprehend what God or the Universe has in store for us.

As Oprah said, "Our real work is to find out where our power is. It's to find out our true gift, our purpose; to find out why we exist and how can we be of service to the world?"

That has been the one question that we were always longing to discover. We believed that by doing what we do each day, God will slowly reveal our calling to us; that Life knew what was best and that all we needed to do was to trust in life and take a leap of faith...

We knew that the only way we could walk in the path that the Universe has set for us, is to surrender ourselves completely to the power that is greater than us. It's to release all dreams, hopes and aspirations, in preparation to serve our higher purpose.

CG and I made a promise that no matter what we do, there will always be 2 constant narratives to guide our actions.

1) Firstly, we vowed to never hurt anyone or anything that crossed our way for our own benefit.

2) Secondly, we will always follow the path or 'Love' and 'Giving' in making our daily choices; and from this space, we will take the 'Next Best Move'.

How We Have Evolved In 9 Years Since The Inception of The Company

Using that as our guiding force, what began as a simple jewelry making company gradually grew into a community centric business.

We evolved from making antique brass pieces inspired by stories to customizing friendships bands made out of string, to lava rock bracelets, to a massive collection of gems, to creating fully customised accesories, to learning the mysteries and history behinds these stones, to exploring the powers of crystal healing, to experimenting with crystal science, to guiding others in turning their dreams into reality, overcoming fear, solving relationship problems, dealing with adversity and overcoming mental and emotional instability...

Life literally took us on a journey that began with nothing but personal goals, to one that could serve the world for the better; and it wasn't until 3 months ago that we realised we had everything that we needed to "Inspire others to regain control over their Mind, Body, Energies and Emotions".

Discovering How We Could Serve The World With Nothing, Yet Everything To Give

Our journey to this question stemmed from the rises and failures that we faced during the past 2 years of the Pandemic. Life literally gave us one of our biggest dreams, only to put a stop to it which took almost everything away from us. It was easily the most difficult period in our life thus far.

Throughout the years, we've always served by giving people what we had; be it money, food, products or emotional support; however being in a situation where we were in need of all those, we asked ourselves one crucial question, "How can we serve right now even when we have nothing left to give?"


As we looked at how depression, anxiety and stress began to claim the lives prematurely of so many out there, we looked at our little Orion and said, "We need to solve this! We cannot leave this world without figuring a way out! We just can't!"

As we looked back at everything that we currently had, we realised that we still have more than we needed in order to give back to the world. We had a powerful tool in crystals which was abundant in stock, and we had the wisdom and experience in overcoming difficult situations, setbacks and failures  throughout the years to share with the world. 

We finally knew how "We Could Serve" the world; how we could be of service to all of you...

Throughout the years, our goal was to use crystals as a tool for healing; a tool to elevate others from pain and suffering into a state of bliss. However for some odd reason, we've never spoken much about this. We've always communicated it on a personal level, but rarely on a macro. However in both our eyes, it is always about healing and higher consciousness.

It's funny how life takes us on a journey of twists and turns just to discover something we already had; like the journey of a seed.

A seed has to fight and toil its way through the dirt; extracting the necessary minerals it needs from the dirt in order to grow. As it breaks out from the ground for the first time, it is met by bigger trees, animals and bugs that can't wait to feast on it. However, because of what it learnt in the dirt, that seed will survive and become a tree.

Just like the seed, we too were thrown into the dirt to fight and toil; extracting all the necessary strength & wisdom from the challenges we've faced in order to blossom into tree. With this, we would like to announce the launching of a special collection that is very close to both our hearts called, 'Intentions'.

What Is The 'Intentions' Collection About?


Intentions are basically creations made with a specific intention held in our thoughts during the designing & creative process. Think of 'Intentions' like a GPS for a car. By setting your destination on the GPS, it takes you through the fastest route in order to get to the destination; same goes to the stones. By intentionally setting 'Intentions', you are pointing your crystals at a particular purpose or goal  to have it manifest in your life quicker than usual. However the magic of this collection doesn't stop here.
Have you ever felt that a restaurant could never achieve the same feeling that your mum's cooking gave you? Have you ever wondered why? It's basically the energy exchange that happens which comes from the person that is handling your meal. If a chef is angry, or in it for money, you could taste the difference in the food vs someone who is in it because she/he loves seeing the face of others light up when they've tasted their food. It's the transfer of emotion and thought that goes into every transaction in life. This is not a philosophy. It is actually science and physics. 
To the both of us, the process of creating is probably our highest from; it’s when we’re at our very best. As crystal handlers and designers, there is nothing more important to our trade than the state of our mind & emotions; the unity that exist between these two energies; the seed of all creation. It is in those states that CG and I experience the divine; letting the forces that surrounds us to guide our thoughts and hands into creating inspiring work.
To us, designing isn’t about skills or tactics; instead it’s about knowing how to connect with the creation through deep intuition and allowing each bead to choose its place on the design. Skills, tactics and designing knowledge are little steps that we use to ‘trust the process’ in connecting us back with the piece whenever we find ourselves in a situation of disconnect. It’s a strategy similar to writing, drawing, music, film making or any form of art; it’s about repetition and doing something over and over again until we find that big “AHA” moment.
If you’ve ever seen us go about a piece in circles, or taking the time to create something, chances are, it’s one of those times where we felt unhappy with the creation and was using the process to find the connection with the piece again. With every thread that we weave and every stone we bead, a part of us goes into the creation; giving it a soul; a life. That's why our state of mind, intention and emotions are vital in making a piece the best it can possibly be. 
How Can This Collection Help Me?
CG and I has made it our life's mission to help others reconnect with themselves in order to achieve their highest, truest potential of the human expression. Each and every piece in our 'Intentions' collection is filled with stories, lessons and strategies that we personally used to overcome our own set of obstacles. 
Through these stories, you will be able to gain more clarity about certain aspects of your life; and learn the steps that we used in order to overcome the obstacles that has been holding you back. 
The beauty about this collection is that you don't have to buy it to learn. All you need to do is head into a specific collection that is 'Calling Out To You', and find a creation that you resonate with. The next step is read the description in that creation and see if the message connects to you. So each time you find yourself in a situation of disconnect, we want you to know that you can always come back to our site for some clarity; and if you feel the need to speed up your healing process, reach out to us to make something for you or pick out a creation that really resonates with you. 
Remember, crystals are tools to help accelerate your healing and manifesting. By learning how to organize your mind, body, energy and emotions, you can also accomplish the same results, like the states that you get from adopting a crystal. 
Our duty as humans is to be the best possible example that a human being could be; with or without crystals. Our hopes is that through these experiences that life has blessed us with, we will be able to touch all those out there who are looking for answers; and to be available for you, even as a crying shoulder, whenever you need someone. We are here to serve; so please don't be shy to reach out to us if you need help...
What's Coming?
In the coming months, we will be working on some new 'Intentions' to be added to our collection while increasing the designs in each collection.
Apart from that, we will be sharing loads of tips on our social media pages, blogs, etc in order to reach out to more people who needs a helping hand, or maybe a dose of clarity on a daily basis. 
We will also have loads of secret initiatives that we've been working on incognito mode aimed at helping everyone master their mind, body, energy and emotions which we will reveal to you soon!
Our very own HQ cum community space, WTF Studios in Penang, will also be hosting loads of events designed to help elevate human consciousness while also serving as a healing space for all those who wants to connect with others who are may be undergoing a transformation in their lives; and to use this opportunity to make new friends, share ideas, support, and learn from one another. 
Before we end, we want you to know that no matter what situation of circumstance you may find yourself in, always know that CG and I are here to serve you to the best that we can. Don't be afraid to reach out to us if ever you need help; and if you ever come across someone in need, share this to them too. You may never know, that a simple act of sharing, could possibly save a life...
Take care everyone and may God always be with you; in everything that you do; on your journey towards healing and discovery...

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