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May 04 2018 – Joshua Levi Rasen

Over the past few weeks, i've been staring at this blank page, thinking of the words to fill them up with...

Though we all know how precious the love of a mother is, yet for some reason, we can never find a way to express their love. It is funny how indescribable the love from a mother can be and being a person always filled with inspiration, to be loss for words is not something I'm used to...

3 days ago, we found ourselves sitting at our little accessory designing table in a corner of our home looking  at the profound beauty that lies within the moonstone. As we looked at each gem carefully, we were totally awestruck as  we marvelled upon the shimmering blue and rainbow lights that glows so mysteriously from within. Some stones were filled with crystal shards that glittered with a silver-ish white hue while others had specks of shinny dust all over it. 


The Moonstone have been a sacred gem for many cultures over time for both modern and ancient civilizations. The Romans and Greeks believed it was born from the solidified rays of the moon. Both these ancient cultures associated this glorious gem with their moon goddess...

Legends say that you can tell the future if you held the moonstone inside your mouth on the night of a full moon, while others believe that the moonstone would arouse the feelings of those surrounding the wearer with a deep sense of love and passion. 

The moonstone is formed by the inter-growth of 2 feldspar species, orthoclase and albeit. During the formation process, they are separated and stacked alternately with one another, creating many flat layers that bends and scatters the light that fall through it, creating the phenomenon called adularescence; the magical glowing lights that you see emitted from within the stone...

Known to be a stone of pure love, the moonstone was also said to provide the wearer with great help in making difficult decisions, good luck, abundance of life, fertility and hope in times of need. 

Looking back at the life of my mum and grandma, it is crazy to see how much things have changed. As a young boy, i remember seeing them as women filled with so much of passion and lust for life; as they aged, all that passion and lust turned into compassion, wisdom and a forgiving heart filled with great love...

I used to think that we shared very different views on life and had different ideas on how our lives should be led. The advice that were often given to me by my mum and grandma made me feel that their lives lacked adventure and fun and that my life would be filled with a journey full of excitements and experiences.

There were times where my mum or grandma would try to speak to me just to catch up with times, and i remember myself getting all grumpy, answering them very briefly and temperamentally so that i could get back at doing my work.

I was and still am a very busy person. I could remember them feeling down and sad each time i ignored them and i would console and tell myself, it's alright, they won't understand it now but they will understand it someday once i achieve what i've been working for. I always told them to give me a few years and once i'm done, I will be able to give them my undivided attention. 

Little did i know, those few years have now turned into 15 years and counting... Each moment will always be filled up with more tasks or duties and i started to realise that we were all getting older and instead of gaining on time, time is getting the better of me... What happiness will there be left if i lose the race against time? 

As i pondered back on my life, i realised the only time i ever made them happy was as a child; clueless, innocent and helpless. I was not capable of doing any work, or in modern terms 'creating my reality' but somehow i gave them more happiness than i do now as an able man.  Days turned to months, months turned to years and i saw a sense of sadness and loneliness within them. I was totally baffled!! How could someone be lonely in a home filled with people? The math didn't add up but sadly the reality is such..

Through all the sleepless nights I have given them, thinking whether or not i'm getting by alright; all the worrying i've given them, keeping them thinking if i still loved and cared for them the same; wondering if we will ever be able to have good times, laughter and happy moments together again; the only that hasn't changed in them, is their undying gift of true love for me...

I know that to them, i will always be that sweet little boy that brought them a bundle of hope, happiness and joy; that little boy which they knew would go on and make the world a happier place for those around me. 

In their eyes, i will always be remembered as a ray of light and it is for that reason that we believe our mother's love is like the beautiful shimmering light that glows within the moonstone; truly beautiful, mesmerizing and divine beyond reality; Simply more than words...

Realizing that, i promised to change my habits and to change my ways. I vowed to use the time i have left with them wisely and to the fullest. Though sometimes our work and reality might get the better of us, what matters is that we change the way we use our free time.

Change it towards giving the love and attention that our mums and grandmas once showed us; give them the patience, the kindness and the joy that they brought into our lives. Give them the time that they look forward to and make your time together be filled with more than just a few words; make it chapter or even better, make it a novel!

I know that some of you may have found yourselves in a similar position that i found myself in, and it's alright... The past doesn't matter anymore...What matters now is how we use our time we have left and make it count! Sometimes all we need to do is sit, and really think back, how many words have i said to them today? 

We pray that this Mother's day, mother's all over the world will be filled with the joy, love and happiness that they always deserve. Let's all give them the gratitude that they deserve. Kiss them!! Hug them!! Tell them that you love them and that you always will!! After all, where would we be without mothers... 

On behalf of the family at WTF, we would like to wish you all a very happy and blessed Mother's Day...

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