Aurora : "Only Good Lies Ahead Of Me"


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Aurora : "Only Good Lies Ahead Of Me"


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      "Here is what Google says about anxiety:

      1. a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome
      Anxiety is simply worrying about something that is yet to happen. It's thinking about tomorrow, about the outcome of the project your working on, about how your crush is going to respond to you, about how your lover is going to react, about how your colleague is going to think about you...
      It's putting yourself in a position, thinking of all the worst possible outcomes before it even happens. If you were to ask us, anxiety to us is a form of self-harm. Yes! You heard it right! Self-Harm! It's deliberately allowing our thoughts and survival mode to directly torture our minds, thinking of all the ways that trouble could crop up.
      Should you blame yourself for it? No! Absolutely not! In fact, it has been in our DNA throughout evolution to prioritise our safety first before anything else. Its the animal inside of us. It's our defense mechanism. It is designed to protect us whenever we are in danger. It helps us forsee the possibilities of danger before it even happens...
      The problem with anxiety is, it has the ability to keep us trapped in a downward spiral, making us worry too much over something that is 'YET TO HAPPEN'.
      The ability to feel anxious is one of the many blessings of being human. It means that our imagination is active and unlike animals or plants who lives only in the now (which explains why they are always so present), we have the ability to shape our destiny through our imaginations.
      The sad part is, most of our imagination ends up with an anxious story that we tell ourselves; simply because a part of us believes that we do not deserve the good that is to come easily and that we must struggle in order to get something.
      Most people ask us, 'how can I get rid of anxiety?' Our answer is, you can't! Like it or not, it is meant to exist in our life for the purpose of protecting us. However, from time to time, it turns up to sabotage our mind, leaving us in a horrible anxious states, always worrying about tomorrow or the outcome to something.
      The first thing is to realize that you are not alone! Everyone goes through anxiety in their lives. The difference between those who are happy vs those who are not, is that they've learnt strategies to overcome it.
      One powerful strategy that CG and I use whenever we are anxious is to :
      1) STOP whatever you are doing in that moment because YOU are the priority. Nothing good is going to come out when you operate from a space of feeling anxious.
      2) Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Just focus on the air flowing in and out of your nose.
      3) Open your eyes, and just focus on the present moment and say 'Thank You' for all the things that you are grateful for which is happening in that current moment in time.
      That's it! That's all there is to it!
      By removing yourself from worrying about the future, and bringing yourself back to the present, Anxiety disappears in an instant.
      The truth is, whatever you were worrying about may or may not happen. None of us can tell what our future holds. On another note, did you know that 92% of what we worry about doesnt actually happen. Ask yourself, what were the things you were worried about this time last year? How many actually came true?
      So let go of the notion that the future is going to be horrible. In fact, if you want to think about something, think about a positive future. If you don't need a reason to feel fear or sad, then you don't need a reason to feel love or happiness!
      Eckhart Tolle coined it perfectly! He said that,
      "We often live our daily lives thinking about the next moment and the next moment without ever being present in the Now. That's a mad way to live! We don't realize that our current moment was once a dream we had; but the moment we get to that dream, we want something else... "
      By always living and worrying about the future, happiness will always remain a pursuit for you and until you are able to surrender your future to the universe and trust that 'ONLY GOOD LIES AHEAD OF YOU', you will never find lasting happiness...
      This piece was made with the intention to bring about calm and healing into our lives; allowing us to relax, take a step back and to enjoy life just the way it is..."


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      Category      : Bracelet
      Material        : Natural Stones, Synthetic Beads, Brass
      Stones          : Howlite, Quartz
      Colour           : Aurora hues, White, Silver
      Thickness    : 8mm & 10mm


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      1) Natural Stones: 

      Clear Quartz: Cleanses negativity, enhances vibration of other crystal energies, fertility, absorbs light from the surroundings and provides it to the user; inviting the vibrations of love, light and abundance.

      Howlite: Stress relief, releases anxiety, Calming Stone, Aids in Insomnia, Releasing attachment from old pain/emotions, helps depression, decreases anger within, used as a healing stone in Tibet  to absorb toxics from the body especially liver


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