Bookmark: "Let Your Wisdom Flow Through Me"



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Bookmark: "Let Your Wisdom Flow Through Me"


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      "Have you ever been in a brainstorming session where all over a sudden ideas started flying our of nowhere? You felt inspired, guided, useful, powerful! You felt like you were chosen. You felt like a genius! Ever wondered where those ideas or moments of brilliance came from?

      If you're drawn to these stones, your soul longs to feel guided and wants divine intervention. Chances are is that you may be working on something important right now and just need that extra dose of connection to be inspired for your work.

      Most of the time, we wait for inspiration to strike; hoping that somewhere along the way, we will magically be enlightened by a moment of brilliance just as before. Many of us spend our time sitting and waiting for the answers to come. We sometimes even wonder how is it that some people are so blessed with a genius mind while others are 'normal'.

      What we don't realise is that we all have genius inside of us. The difference between the most brilliant minds on the planet and those that 'don't feel that way' is that the brilliant minds knows how to find an answer. And the answer to most of our problems lie in the 'process' itself.

      A short and sweet tip that we can share on this is that you must create 'Motion'. Being still or stagnant does not create flow. You need movement for inspiration to flow. Find a space that inspires you, have a drink that inspires you, watch a biopic that inspires you, read a book, meditate with crystals, do something; because where attention goes, energy flows...

      When you are in constant motion and you have faith in the universe; when you begin to trust the process, magic starts to happen. So don't wait for that inspiring moment; instead hunt for that inspiration. Use crystals as a tool to raise your vibration and keep you there for a sustained period of time. This helps to improve your connection with the Universe. And above all, get moving because nothing will until you do..."



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      Category      : Bookmarks
      Material        : Natural Stones, Stainless Steel, Brass, Copper
      Stones          : Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Apatite
      Colour           : Silver, Royal Blue, Gold
      Thickness    : -

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      Highlights: (BOOKMARK ONLY)

      1) Natural Stones: 

      Lapis : Stone of communication, truth, protection, intuition, mental clarity, centering yourself, strengthens the mind, helps in expression, organizing life, helpful in sinus, cancer, heart, depression. Excellent manifestation stone and is said to be the bridge between men and the Divine.

      Sodalite/Storm Bead : Often called a poet's stone that is known to help end arguments, useful for honesty of emotions & love; stone of truth, knowledge, communication and great to stimulate thoughts. Beneficial for glands, digestive system, diabetes, lymphatic cancer and insomnia. This stone has a vibration of truth that helps you to understand the situation you are in right now and unites the logical with the spiritual. 

      Apatite: A dream stone to achieve goals, aids in communication, enhancing memory, concentration, aids in problem solving, knowledge into the future for those attuned to her, heals bones, increases metabolic rate, stimulates eyesight


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