Buddstone a.k.a African Jade 10mm



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Buddstone a.k.a African Jade 10mm



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      Buddstone or also known as the South African Jade, is not a jade in true sense and is a new crystal which has recently made its way to the surface of our planet. 

      Properties: A stone of stamina and patience; good for parents, teachers, elders and caretakers. Improves hearing, intuition and great for abundance in business and deal making, positive decisions and actions.

      Helps those suffering from dementia, migraine or Alzheimer's, Buddstone is also a powerful stone of transformation, helping us change our habits which are necessary to improve our current wellbeing.

      Some say this is also a powerful stone to attract abundance, wealth and prosperity... 

      Magical Uses: Buddstone can be used to gain information from our elders; both past and living... Helps to lighten our body and remove any energy blockages and eases disharmony in relationships. 

      Element: Earth

      Commonly found in: South Africa only

      Birthstone: Unknown

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