"Everything Is Perfectly Where It Needs To Be"


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"Everything Is Perfectly Where It Needs To Be"


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      "If you find this stone calling out to you, chances are is that you are currently recovering from a past trauma which has haunted you continuously. You sometime have sleepless nights from the memories that occasionally comes back whenever something triggers it. 
      This piece was made with the intention to help you overcome those traumas and to start over. Regardless the situation you are in, just remember that overcoming traumas begins with the simple step of 'Accepting' what has happened and letting go of all 'Hopes' that the past could have been any different. Just remember, that everything is always perfectly where it needs to be..."
      Here are some powerful quotes from Najwa Zebian on 7 Relieving Truths about Trauma.
      1) Trauma is not what happened to you, but how you react to it. We all react differently.
      2) Your brain tries so hard to make sense of what happened to you that it ends up as a never ending loop of replaying the traumatic event.
      3) Triggers are everywhere. They can be as simple as a sound, location your drive by, or an event that triggers the same emotional response.
      4)A traumatic event can leave you fearful and anxious from the event itself or any triggers that come your way
      5) There is no such thing as "getting over" your trauma. To truly move on, you need to heal. And healing takes time and practise. 
      6) Some days, you'll be angry. Some days, you'll be sad. And some days you'll be grateful for where you are in terms of healing.
      7) If you're healing, don't be too hard on yourself. Practise self-kindness and compassion. And remember, it doesn't have to make sense. 

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      Category      : Necklace 
      Material        : Natural Stones, Brass, Stainless Steel
      Stones          : Howlite 
      Colour           : Silver, White
      Length           : 45cm


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      1) Natural Stones: 


      Spiritually, howlite is a stone of calming and awareness. It can prepare the user or wearer to receive wisdom and attunement from the Higher Self and the Divine. It is also used for dimensional travel and healthy meditation.

      Properties: Stone of healing for pain & insomnia. Stone of wisdom, releasing attachment from old pain/emotion.

      In Tibet, this stone is popularly used to absorb toxic from ones body, especially the liver, which results in the stone sacrificing itself and turning yellowish grey in colour. Also aids in bones, relieving pains, teeth, anxiety disorders and stress related illness. 

      Magical Uses: Howlite decreases an overly critical state of mind, selfishness, stress, and anxiety, bringing calm and relaxation. Howlite also can decrease anger originating from within or externally.

      Element: Wind

      Commonly found: Canada, USA

      Birthstone: Unknown


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