"Let Love Be My Guide"


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"Let Love Be My Guide"


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      Why Am I Attracted To This?

      Desires love & to share your love, Wounded emotions, Neglecting oneself in the past, Heart-broken by someone you loved, Prioritize self-care & love

      How Can This Creation Help Me?

      Raise your vibrations to resonate with love, Inspire actions and decision out of love, Encourages you to prioritize your feelings, Brings powerful emotional & spiritual transformation, Brings emotional maturity, Helps you to express and open up your heart fully again, Helps you in shinning your light unto others that needs your love

      Wisdom & Intention For This Creation :

      "If you find yourself drawn towards this piece, chances are is that you are in a very powerful state right now in your life. Though you may have gone through some painful emotional experiences lately, however these moments pushed you to realize that true love lies not in the hearts of others, but in your own...
      You've been pushed away, shoved aside and left in the cold to lick your wounds by yourself, and that experience has brought you on one of the most important discoveries of your life; 'Self-Love'. Though your journey may have only just begun, however every ounce of your soul longs to share this experience with the world around you...
      This creation was made with the Intention to aid you in your journey of emotional healing and self-love. It was created to open up your heart to the world again; using the memories of the pain as your greatest inspiration in drawing out the creative force in you. Keeping this creation close to your heart keeps your energy vibrating constantly in alignment with Love; thus drawing to you all that belongs on the highway of Love...
      This piece is a sign that 'Life' for you is already changing in the direction of 'Love'. You are starting to feel an immense sense of Gratitude for life, thus making you feel that having the opportunity to breathe, is a blessing on its own...
      This is your 'Time'. Your chance to shine. This is your 'call'. Honor it and use this powerful period in your life to write the next chapter of your story. The pencil is in your hands..."

      10% from each purchase goes back into our World...✵

      By taking home this beauty right here, know that you've given back to the World...

      Category      : Necklace 
      Material        : Natural Stones, Stainless Steel
      Stones          : Rose Quartz
      Colour           : Silver, Crystal White, Pink
      Length           : 50cm


      For customized orders, our designers will contact you within 48 hours from your purchase time and guide you step by step in the process of creating your own masterpiece.


      1) Natural Stones: 

      Rose Quartz: A stone of love. This beautiful light pinkish white stone opens up our heart chakra which in turn leaves love pouring in and out of us be it self-love, family-love, platonic, romantic or simply unconditional love. Perfect stone to attract love into our daily lives bringing warmth, fertility, lowers stress and inviting romance.

      Rose quartz is also used to raise self-esteem which gives us a sense of worthiness. It's loving energy teaches us to apply this love to ourselves therefore finding ourselves more worthy of the world and people around us.


      Stay Different, Stay Real... always

      #WTFBracelet #StayDifferentStayReal



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