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      The Celts believed that life is an infinite experience, fuelled by a belief that everything and everyone in life is connected by one powerful force. They believe that eternity exists in nature, teaching us that we too are connected by the same force therefore making our experiences here on Earth a never-ending adventure...

      This ancient symbol has been translated in so many ways across different cultures throughout the ages, and as we studied the meaning in different civilisations one by one, we found that at the core, each of them had two similarities; they believed in eternal love and life and the beauty that it can bring into our world...

      Style  : Short Ladies Necklace

      Chain : High Polished Stainless Steel 

      Colour : Silver

      Chain Length (Not including pendant length) : Approx 50cm

      (For custom sizing/length, leave us a note/comment upon checkout *winks*)

      Highlights : 

      1) Charm

      WTF Signature Series: 

      Name     : WTF Knots Series: Eternal

      Our Limited Edition Signature Eternal Knot charm is made with the beautiful symbol of a triquetra. This sacred symbol has been translated into many different meanings across various cultures with some connecting to the trinity, some to life and others to love. 

      After some intensive research and studying, we decided to follow what resonated with our heart and what it meant to us as a couple, and as people. Therefore to us, this simple yet stunning piece represents eternal life and love as we believe that both these forces are one in the same and without one another, we become empty...

      Limited   : 999 Pieces Worldwide

      Finishing : High Polished

      Designed & Hand-Carved by : WTF Penang

      Charity    : 10% of profits goes right back into our world


      2) Natural Gemstones

      Opal: Stone of Inspiration & creativity; strengthening personal and business relationships, helps in balancing mood swings, enhancing thoughts and feelings and improving memory. Used for high spiritual energy vibrations in the spiritual realms and helps one be invisible


      Charity: 10% from every purchase goes back into the world

      By taking home this beauty right here, know that you've given back to the World...

      Note: Allergy / Irritation FREE! No nickel or lead are used in our products.

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