Faith Can Move Mountains...



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Faith Can Move Mountains...




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      To us, one of the most powerful words that can be found in the English language today is 'Faith'. It has the ability to propel us into infinity, rising out from the ashes stronger and better than before; filling us with a sense of knowing, a feeling like "We can do this!"...

      Faith is probably one of the most powerful motivational factors in humanity. It can shape our identity about ourselves, our beliefs, our values. It can bring humanity to places that we never knew existed, or it can also doom us all if we were to be influence by greed and selfish intentions...

      It's pretty amazing how a simple sound can garner that much power; power to the extend that it can shape our future. Though the struggle between good and greed may always be there, a part of us will always want to believe that one day, our species will come together as one, for the benefit of all; for the greater good; because faith, can truly move mountains...

      Style  : Short Ladies Necklace

      Chain : High Polished Stainless Steel 

      Colour : Silver

      Chain Length (Not including pendant length) : Approx 45cm

      (For custom sizing/length, leave us a note/comment upon checkout *winks*)

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      1) Charm


      One of the greatest mysteries of life is that somehow, someway, everything will always be alright. So whenever the going gets tough, always have faith that the heavens has everything planned out for us; because we can never connect the dots looking forward, but we can always connect it looking backwards. Remember, faith can move mountains...

      Material  : Stainless Steel

      Finishing : High Polished 

      Charity: 10% from every purchase goes back into the world

      By taking home this beauty right here, know that you've given back to the World...

      Note: Allergy / Irritation FREE! No nickel or lead are used in our products.

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