Golden Sheen Obsidian 10mm



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Golden Sheen Obsidian 10mm



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       Obsidian, commonly used over thousands of years as a blade known for it's perfect sharpness which is many times sharper than a high-quality surgical steel scalpel. Even the sharpest metal knife has a jagged edged when view under a powerful microscope; however when an obsidian blade is viewed under an electron microscope, it is smooth and even; perfect. In many cases, each Volcanic eruption produces a distinguishable type of Obsidian which allows archeologist to track it's origins. 

      Properties:  A great stone to remove negative energy, increase clarity, strengthen the aura and protect one against psychic attacks. A powerful grounding and healing stone for our energy body.

      It is known to help in stomach, intestines, stomach tissues and rid a person from viral infections. Mahogany obsidian can be used to detoxify organs, increase liver & kidney function, relieve pain and improve circulation.

      Magical uses: It is also used to heal humiliation by removing blockages that keeps us prisoners on a mind-body-spirit level. Mahogany obsidian in particular is used to create a mind open to full abundance which can bring us a sense of freedom and prosperity.  

      Element: Earth

      Commonly found in: Volcanic areas

      Birthstone: Libra, Sagittarius

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