"Unto You I Lay My Destiny"



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"Unto You I Lay My Destiny"


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      Why Am I Attracted To This?

      Seeking Wealth, Feeling unstable in life, Feeling disconnected, Hoping for luck, Demotivated, Unsure, Doubtful, Desires greatness, Feeling like you are not 'done' yet, Beating yourself up constantly over things you didn't do, Hoping to rewrite your stars

      How Can This Creation Help Me?

      Raises your vibration to meet your destiny, Breaks away old patterns and habits that no longer serves you, Brings a flow of imagination & ideas, Opens up new opportunities, Brings a surge of energy that fuels your hunger to succeed, Keeps you connected to yourself on a deeper level, Brings empathy, compassion & forgiveness into any situation

      Wisdom & Intention For This Creation :

      "If you find this creation calling out to you, chances are is you've asked the Universe or God to grant you the dream that you've always been thinking of. Asking the universe to manifest a dream is the easy part; trusting the universe on a day to day basis to bring that dream to life is the hard part...

      Think of a dream like planting a seed. The process of a seed turning into a plant, tree or a flower begins about 1 inch underground. It starts with the seed discovering the life that it is; breaking out from its skin and the boundaries that keeps it secure...

      Once a seed has broken through its skin, it is met with a ton of dirt that it slowly weaves its way through and around it. It survives only through drops of water and the minerals that it extracts from the dirt...

      Once the seed has broken through the earth, it is met with all kinds of challenges that comes in the form of external pressures such as the wind, storms, being eaten by bugs, animals, stepped on by humans and the list goes on.

      As it grows, it finds a way to break through the leaves and the branches of bigger and much more powerful trees that blocks out the sun; fighting its way to survive in a world filled with titans and unfair circumstances...

      However to that seed, it understands that there is nothing it can do about the dirt, or the insects, or the animals, or the bigger trees or the humans. It understands that its all part of the process; part of its destiny. The seed knows that the only way is to feed off the dirt, and find its way around the obstacles; ultimately maturing into the beautiful tree that its meant to be...

      Much like the seed, dreams are achieved by breaking out of our skin, learning through the dirt, practising what we've learnt through the bigger challenges that comes after the dirt. The problem is, most people stop at the point of meeting the dirt; believing that we're only meant to be a seed.

      This piece is meant to give you the stability, wisdom, willpower and strength that is much needed in keeping your vibrations up, yet being a powerful reminder that you are halfway there...

      So remember, if you've asked the universe for something big, the work and the changes that comes along with it, will be in direct proportion to the size of your dream...

      Just keep believing..."



      10% from each purchase goes back into our World...✵

      By taking home this beauty right here, know that you've given back to the World...

      Category      : Bracelet
      Material        : Natural Stones, Brass, Cubic Zirconia
      Stones          : Citrine, Blue Sandstone, Hematite, Agate, Quartz
      Colour           : Black, Green hues, Blue hues, Dark Gold, Galaxy Blue, Gold
      Thickness    : 8mm & 10mm

      All items purchased from WTF come with a matching jewellery packaging. Lend your gift a more personal note with one of our greetings cards.


      1) Natural Stones: 

      Clear Quartz: Cleanses negativity, enhances vibration of other crystal energies, fertility, absorbs light from the surroundings and provides it to the user; inviting the vibrations of love, light and abundance.

      Agate: Strength, Relaxation, Balancing Yin Yang Energies, Anger Management, Good Luck, Heals Relationships, Improves Eyesight, Relaxation, Love, Harmony, Marital & romantic fidelity, protection, Children's amulets 

      Citrine: Stone of Abundance, Attracts Prosperity, Success, Happiness, Acquiring Wealth, Maintaining Wealth, Encourages generosity, Heals infection in kidneys & bladders, enhances stamina, nourishes skin

      Hematite :  (Nickname: The Iron Rose) Strength, Stability, Balance, Blood Disorders, Stress Relief, Reynaud's disorder, Strengthen's silver cord 

      Blue Sandstone aka Galaxy :  A stone of luck, success, opening opportunities, victory, glory; enhances leadership, strength and the bodies good spirits; drives out evil and cleanses negativity. Brings courage, confidence, willpower. The starry particles acts as a great reflector towards negativity and unwanted energy. Good for circulation, balancing aura, arthritis


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      Stay Different, Stay Real... always

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