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Moonstone 10mm



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      Moonstone is one of those mystifying crystals that keeps you mesmerized by it's beauty; often mirroring the glow of a full moon. The Ancient Romans admired moonstone as they believed it was born from solidified rays of the moon. 

      Properties: A stone of abundance, hope and pure love. Also known to help calm responses, stress and to avoid over reacting. This crystal also brings great feminine energy, sensitivity and intuition to it's user.

      Believed to aid our digestive system, obesity, water retention, hormonal problems and menstrual problems.

      Magical Uses: It is also well known for protection during pregnancy, childbirth and travelling on sea. Besides all those wonderful powers, they are said to increase our intuition and psychic abilities while adding a touch of beauty to our lives. Being a mirror of the moon, this stone is one of the most powerful stones for fertility.

      Element: Water

      Commonly found in: Armenia (mainly from Lake Sevan), Madagascar, Australia, Sri Lanka, Austrian Alps, Myanmar, Norway, Poland, India

      Birthstone: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio


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