Dyed Natural Red Coral 8mm



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Dyed Natural Red Coral 8mm



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      Known as the stone of peace and transformation, these stones are often associated with the gardens of the sea; bringing protection from negativity and impurities. Helps to release unhealthy thoughts and emotions, the coral is also a great stone of change; turning the old into the new, chaos into calm, hate into love...

      Properties: A powerful stone to learning new skills, knowledge and to build new relationships. Great stone for people in the creative arts, or even for those looking to spark some creativity into their work...

      Great stone to heal our circulatory system, it enhances tissue regeneration and nourishes the blood cells. 

      Magical Uses: This stone has a vibration that is known to heal relationships of all kinds; be it love, friendship or family. It quiets the emotions and brings peace within ourselves, while inviting optimism into our daily lives, giving us a surge of energy to look at things in a fresh and new way. 

      Element: Fire

      Commonly found: Mediterranean seas

      Birthstone: Taurus, Pisces

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