Red Garnet 8mm



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Red Garnet 8mm



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      Ancient civilizations often prized Garnets as a precious jewel for its strong curative powers which is said to bring great passion, protection and creativity to its wearer.

      A stone that was popular amongst the ancient Sumerians, Romans, Greeks and Egyptians, Garnet was said to be the only light in Noah's Ark during the great flood. 

      While being used by the crusades and the troops of Salahaddin as a talisman of protection, the Garnet is said to be a sacred stone to the Native Americans, Aztecs and African tribes; while legends say it was one of the 12 stones on the breast-plate of the high priest.

      Properties: This beautiful stone grounds us to the Earth, inviting sensuality into our lives, filling us with purification and love.

      Magical Uses: Brings willpower, aids circulation, enhances love and relationships, invites inspiration and creativity, stimulates gentleness, warmth and passion.

      Elements: Fire


      Commonly found in: Brasil, Sri Lanka, India

      Birthstone: Capricorn, Aquarius

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