Mookaite Jasper 8mm


Color | Mustard Yellow


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Mookaite Jasper 8mm



Mustard Yellow

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      Thought to be an autumn stone, mookaite hails from Australia with beautiful bold and earthy colours. It is known to increase vitality, strength and increase the life forces within us. As bold as its colours, mookaite gives us the courage to seek new adventures, move with change, and grow with love...

      Properties: Besides increasing our self-confidence and self-worth, mookaite aids in helping us realize our full potential; Igniting the fire and passion without our souls to reach for the stars...

      Magical Uses: This stone has a vibration that is known to bring love into our hearts; stabilizing our minds to look deeper into our emotions, to learn and grow from our experiences. A soothing stone to improve our digestive systems, mookaite also enhances our blood purification while aiding in the healing of our tissues...

      Element: Earth, Fire

      Commonly found: Australia

      Birthstone: Capricorn, Cancer, Aeries, Libra, Scorpio

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