Beautiful People

July 16 2014 – Charmian Rasen

Some say beauty is on the outside and the inside, it's all around us; the sun rising in the morning, the tantalizing sight of the trees waking up beneath the clear blue skies that hovers over us like a big shield protecting and breathing life into us and everything around us, the drop of a morning dew from a leaf, the adorable sight of an infant opening her eyes to a world that loves her, the scent of fresh noodles or bread from a street food seller, the big and warm smile from the hawker that brews the best morning coffee for you, and most of all, the family around you that supports you in ways seen or unseen.

Someone once said, 'Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder', a simple yet sweet phrase that defines all that we are, all that we can be...The way a child plays with another regardless of race, colour, looks, religion and beliefs; the perfect example of seeing beauty in each other and appreciating the connection of souls between one another.

Let's not judge a person by their looks, colour, race, religion or beliefs; instead lets love them for their deeds. That random act of kindness that makes us smile when we watch someone getting down from their car to help another cross a busy road, the patience and nurturing care from a mother to a child, the person that gives up their seat for another in a bus or train, the generous that drops some change for the homeless, helpless and penniless; all these little things that makes life around us worthwhile.

God made each of us unique and different; even identical twins have a difference between them therefore no other that can compare to your beauty. It belongs to you and only you. Join our journey and help us show the world that people are truly beautiful...

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