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August 19 2014 – Charmian Rasen

The truth of great designs can't be studied nor learnt; It is through stories, random inspirations and heartfelt moments that creates extraordinary designs. 

Designing is not limited to designers, therefore we want to help you discover that hidden talent, uncover your creativity and unfold your story through the simplest way possible; designing a piece that means something to you and only you from the comfort and freedom of your own inspirational space.

We have prepared 3 basic design patterns (charm arrangements) for you to choose from which would help in guiding you to create your very own piece; or you could drop us a message if you have a different pattern you would like to create.

Contact us through Facebook and chat with our in-house designers and get some valuable insights on creating your own piece.

Click here and we will direct you to our customization page...


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