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Summary of properties:

Stone of transformation, Strength, Relaxation, New beginnings, Courage, Calming, Grounding, Anger management, Cleansing negativity, Releasing despair, Balancing aura & yin yang energies, Vitality, Strengthen eyesight, Protection, Harmony & healing, Luck, Overcoming battles, Heal and improve relationships, Romantic fidelity

Why Am I Attracted To This Stone?

Stressed, Anxious, Not in the present, Feeling imbalanced, Worried about the future/stability, Feeling disconnected from yourself, Having problem with relationships around you, Seeking security, Unable to control emotions/temper, Fighting a big battle

How Can This Stone Help Me?

Physically :

Helps body to cope with disease, Heals pancreas/eyes, Ease headaches, Brings focus, Increases energy & vitality, Alleviating & healing joint/bones, Pain relief for neck/shoulders, Aids digestion/nausea, Helps hollow organs such as stomach/intestines/uterus/etc, Helps skin problems/itching from insect bites, Helps the heart/blood vessels, Strengthens cardiac muscles when worn in the middle of chest, Aids fever when a cold agate is placed on the forehead, Reduces symptoms of epilepsy, Soothes anger

Mentally :

Improves mental functions, Increases focus/concentration/perception/analytical abilities, Stabilizes mind & imagination, Brings inspiration, Relieves anxiety, Improves mindset/mental strength, Removes the stress & anxiety build up by bringing in a sense of gratefulness, Balances our mind to bring greater clarity in order to make powerful decisions

Emotionally :

Brings inner stability/composure/maturity into moments of crisis, Aids in creative expression, Brings love into the problems surrounding a relationship, Powerful stone of forgiveness, Great to release despair/anger/low vibrational emotions, Brings acceptance into any situation, Heals emotional disharmony, Breaks the barriers of love that we've built around us

Spiritually :

Creates a deeper connection with our inner self, Brings the 'gift or presence' into our lives, Brings compassion/understanding/empathy/love, Opens our hearts to higher truths, Helps us to learn from our sufferings, Aids in transformation from pain, Stone of growth, Encourages gratitude, Opens our eyes to the blessings around us, Heightens our awareness

Chakras : Root Chakra + Multiple chakras depending on the type of Agate

- Agate holds a cleansing effect that is powerful on all levels which stabilizes the aura, eliminates negativity and transforms low vibrational energies. 

Origin : First found from the Achetes River in Sicily

Element : Earth

Zodiac : Gemini, Capricorn, Virgo, Leo (Depending on agate)

Birthstone : May/June/September

Mineral Description :

Agates & Onyx occur as nodules(lump of mineral) in volcanic rocks or ancient lavas and various kinds of rocks. It's only distinct difference is in its bands which is; parallel for onyx and curved for agate. 

Agate is the name given to numerous varieties of bonded chalcedony which is usually bonded in layers or stripes with some varieties having an 'eye' markings or specks of colours.

Some includes fossilized inclusions while others are solid. Agate is also know as the Earth's rainbow. Legends say that all the colours that the Earth can produce, including colourless, can be found in the concentric bands of Agates.

- Chemical composition: Si02

Wisdom From This Stone :

If we're called to the agate, it normally means that we are in a transitional period in life and often times during these periods, we may sometimes feel a need for a deeper connection with the light inside of us...

Trasitional moments always bring uncertainty, fear, confusion, doubt etc. And often times, these anxieties can stem from unpleasant experiences of the past which has hurt us really deeply; to the point where we have yet to forgive the event/person or in some cases, ourselves...

Many people tend to live the rest of their lives holding on to the pain of the past because they don't know how to deal with those experiences or more importantly, how to heal from those experiences...

The agate plays a massive role in helping us in moments like these.

What it does, is that it brings us a sense of security for the life that we have around us. It connects us deeply to the environment around us ; keeping us grounded and in touch with mother nature; or in this case, in touch with our true selves...

This in turn expands our awareness and opens us up to the world around us; bringing about a deeper sense of compassion, love, Empathy and hope into our lives...

By accepting the past for what it is, and understanding those painful events or memories from a higher and more loving perspective, we begin to heal ourselves from the wounds that have been left open. By opening ourselves up to the gift of Forgiveness again, we become free of the chains that were binding us; thus allowing ourselves to be vulnerable and open to the unconditional love and magnificence of the Universe once again...

One of the most significant lessons from the agate is the balance that it brings into our lives by keeping us grounded, humble and in touch with goodness inside of us. It brings a sense of deep gratitude, understanding and empathy towards situations that otherwise seem unbearable.

It reminds us that Forgiveness isn't something we give to someone else; but instead it is a 'Gift' that we give to ourselves.

Being unable to forgive someone is the act of torturing ourselves over again from the memories of the past. It is crucifying ourselves over and over again, for something that happened only once.

It's feeling the pain of the hurt caused by someone else over and over again, eventhough that 'Painful event' was just a small part of your 'Timeline' in life. It was only a moment yet we allow ourselves to be tortured by it over and over and over again...

So by learning to forgive, we are in fact allowing ourselves to 'Live' fully and freely once again; and accepting that our lives are bigger than 'any one moment'...

By connecting to the Agate, we bring gratitude back into our lives again; a sense of gratefulness for the blessings around us, while teaching us that 'Grief' comes from the loss of 'What was', 'Acceptance' from the recognition of 'What is', and 'Creation' from a place of 'What we can do' in moments of despair, pain and uncertainty...

By using these memories as powerful building blocks to learn from; we bring about the creative energies hidden deep within us; thus bringing to life a journey of transformation and new beginnings..."


Meditation :

Agate provides a wide variety conducive for meditation focus. Depending on the type of agate, each stone connects Mother Earth to a specific chakra; cleansing, grounding and harmonizing the energies within.

Having an Agate near us during meditation also helps in healing dis-ease from within; while encouraging one to release, let go and transmute any form of anger, resentment, stress, hatred or anxiety that may be lingering within our energetic system.

The intricate movements within the crystal encourage a calm, relaxing state which in turn, opens the mind to higher thought, heightened awareness, deeper understandings and inner truths; thus making 'letting go' and 'forgiveness' easy for those connected to it.

Myths & Legends :

In ancient Mesopotamia, stones of agate were engraved with seals. These were symbols of power and authority. 

Legend states that the eagle carries pieces of agate to their nest to protect their young. 

Ancient Romans however valued the Agate for its reputed medicinal and talismanic properties. Powdered and mixed with water, it was said to counteract serpents’ venom.

It was often embedded on the breastplates of a warrior's armor as it was known to have given them strength & make them victorious in battles.

Pliny, a Roman historian, quoted the Magii as teaching in Persia that storms might be averted by burning Agates.

Another historical fact is that agate stones were placed in cooking or water for drinking to dispel sickness.

In the past, these stones were used as a protective stone especially for children. They were often moulded into amulets (still practised today), medicine bags, jewelry, or just to be carried around in a pocket.

It is believed by many to protect against harmful spirits.

Agate has a rich history of divinely revealed images within its natural veining, inclusions and markings. Such images as the Kuan Yin, Buddha, Virgin Mary, Jesus, John the Baptist, angels and various other human forms have manifested themselves in these natural works of art and are found in churches and museums around the world. 

Agate is believed to be the middle stone in the third row in the breastplate of the High Priest and is also said to be associated with Archangel Michael.

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