Tektite (Meteorite)

November 23 2022 – Joshua Levi Rasen

Tektite (Meteorite)

Tektite (Meteorite)


Summary of Properties :

A stone of Awakening, Inner strength, Connection with nature, Consciousness, Self-awareness, Luck, Discovery, Learning, Greater understanding, Protection, Dream work, Peace, Grounding, Alignment of chakras, New friendships, Emotional healing, Empathy, Deepens crystal connection

Perfect stone to connect our hearts with the wisdom of the universe

Aids in Fear of surgery, Healing from illness, Detoxify radiation, Anaemia

Why Am I Attracted To This Stone?

Extremely Curious about the unknown, Searching for answers, Seeking to know oneself more deeply, A feeling of breaking apart, Feeling uncertain or doubtful about your current wants/desires, Desiring a deeper level of communication and understanding with life, Often dreaming about a bigger life, Looking to discover ones true potential.

How Can This Stone Help Me?

Physically :

Keeps us calm, Helps topophobia, Helps to enhance and accelerate healing from illness and injuries, Helps colds, flu and anemia, Detoxifies radiation

Mentally :

Raises self-awareness and consciousness, Opens our eyes to deeper insights and perspectives, Enhances our ability to communicate telepathically

Emotionally :

Promotes inner strength, Brings empathy, Encourages compassion & actions in resonance with love

Spiritually :

Helps us to connect to the unknown, Brings deeper understanding about oneself, Aids in communication and expression, Improves psychic abilities, Luck stone and improves synchronicities

Chakas :

Third Eye & Throat Chakra


Wisdom From This Stone :

"If you find yourself connected to this stone, chances are is that you may have just entered the beginning stages of a massive transformation that is about to take place in your life.

You may suddenly find yourself overly curious about things such as the pyramids, extraterrestrials, ancient civilizations; and for some peculiar reason, you find yourself highly connected and rooted in these ancient histories intuitively...

A part of you feels lost, yet another part of you feels like you've awakened from a long sleep. You may fear this change as everything seems a little unfamiliar; it's like as if you're knowing yourself for the first time. And though you feel layers of you falling apart; such as your belief systems that seems to be crashing down on you, yet there is a subtle sense of excitement at the person you are becoming.

Being called to the tektite often means that we are being called to embrace our highest self. It means that life is giving us a chance to expand ourselves; to reach for the stars. One of the things you may find happening on your journey right now is the sudden change in friends around you; where the old gets lost and the new gets found. Though at times it may feel like your world is falling apart, it's actually falling in place. People that are no longer serving our highest purpose will start dropping out; making way for those who will take us into the next era of our lives. 

Being connected to this stone brings a sense of empathy to the world around us. It helps us to reconnect with the light in our hearts, while opening us up to the world around us. It teaches us that kindness and compassion are our greatest instruments; and that wisdom is the tool in which we can touch another. 

While shallow conversations, gossips and news may no longer interest you, it is important to remember that your new found awareness must be used in service of those around you by aiding others in their awakening. This stone helps in heightening our telepathic abilities while aiding in our transformation by connecting the old and the new; the near and the far.

Get physical with nature. Connect, touch and feel the Life that is around you. Study it. Study You. Take advantage of the shift of energy in you and keep questioning everything around you; including your very own belief system. Question everything, but above all, always trust that the Universe knows best; because nothing is an accident. It's high time for your awakening, high time for connecting and its high time for you to shine. So let go of all limiting beliefs and just follow the voice inside. Trust in your vision, trust in your ideas and trust in your abilities. You were put here for a reason; a reason which you are now going to find out..." 

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