October 04 2022 – Joshua Levi Rasen




Summary of properties:

A stone of Protection, Wisdom, Spirituality, Love, Creativity, Selflessness, Deeper understanding, Stress relief, Balances mood, Dispels anger, Alleviates sadness, Helps fear, Aids manifesting, Brings passion, Sobriety, Focus, Success, Peace, Willpower, Calmness, Divine love, Intuition, Humility, Cleansing negativity and Helps nightmares.

Openness to surrender to that which is greater.

Beginner stone for children.

Why Am I Attracted To This Stone?

  •  Feeling like your old habits are holding you back
  • Unable to break old habits & patterns
  • Feeling stress, anxious, unloved
  • Feeling unfulfilled, emptiness or  spiritually void
  • Have a need to serve a higher purpose
  • Have a very deep desire to serve a community, people, humanity
  • Desire to be closer to the Divine
  • Desire to know your true self spiritually
  • Seeking a purposeful & Intentional life 


How Can This Stone Help Me? 

  • Keeps us calm, relaxed and peaceful in times of stress or uncertainty
  • Helps us in recognizing the presence of Grace in our lives
  • Brings a deep sense of Empathy, Compassion and Understanding in our lives
  • Encourages selflessness and service in something bigger than ourselves
  • Connects us to the light within, bringing about great wisdom 
  • Helps to remove the uncessary habits, people, things and circumstances that are no longer serving our Higher purpose
  • A great stone to aid in manifesting our wishes , desires and dreams that are 'in-line' with our Divine purpose
  • Brings a powerful sense of intuition, self-love & worth, while allowing us to see the true potential in ourselves 


Wisdom From The Stone:

If you find yourself currently drawn to this gorgeous stone, chances are is that you're very much closer to stepping into your ‘Destiny.’ Though often times you may feel like your old habits are slowing you down and holding you back, these are all parts and parcels of the process that comes with breaking old habits/patterns.

You may find yourself anxious about the future sometimes while also stressed about the present because things aren't going the way it is supposed to be. Though deep down you know that everything is perfectly where it should be, however every now and then, doubt keeps 'checking in' just to keep you on your toes.

You may sometimes find yourself easily frustrated when you don't get to spend time in your own daily 'Self-Growth' routine; be it through meditation, video, audio, reading, etc ; because you each day you walk out with a mission to help someone, and you realize that in order to be of service to others is to be of service to yourself first...

You may also be stuck in job where you're unable to contribute in the way that you want to, therefore this stone comes in moments like these to aid in your spiritual awakening which will take you to the next stage in life.

The Amethyst brings about a powerful spiritual awakening in our lives. It normally appeals to us in moments where our priorities shifts from 'Me' to 'We'.

In times like these, we often find ourselves desiring 'Divine Guidance & Wisdom' to aid in our plans. Our guess is that you have a mission in mind which relates to 'service towards others' ; be it for a single person, a child, a family member, a community or even humanity...

This calling often brings about the most challenges but is always the most fulfilling when compared to all our life's experiences, work or successes combined... 

The Amethyst aids us in raising our vibrations and consciousness by inviting the Love of the Divine into our lives; helping us see and recognise its true nature, which brings about a deep sense of Empathy, Compassion, understanding and selflessness into our lives...

Staying connected to the Amethyst also helps in manifesting the life, dreams and realities that are 'IN-LINE' with our true purpose; clearing away all the unnecessary habits, things and circumstances that no longer serves our higher purpose...

It takes us closer to our intuition while also enhancing our gifts; making them more prominent in order for us to see the true potential in ourselves...


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