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Summary of Properties :

A stone of Honesty, Loyalty, Tranquility, Brings a sudden surge of energy, Protection during vivid dreams, Altered states, Channeling, Empowerment, Communication, Removing energy blockages, Balancing chakras, Fair treatment, Repairing relationships, Encourages Peaceful Negotiations, Resonance, Revealing hidden memories, Grounding, Soothes anger, Breaks destructive behaviours, Self-Discovery, Vision, Clarity, Heightened awareness

Pain reliever, Lower blood pressure, Excellent stone brain injuries; including Concussions, Seizures or Stroke

Why Am I Attracted To This Stone?

  • Desires deep visions & insights
  • Desires to seek & express your truths
  • Looking to share your experiences, wisdom & knowledge with others
  • Seeking clarity & peace
  • Seeking deeper connection with your higher self
  • Seeking to access the infinite wisdom of the Universe from within
  • Seeking for evidence of the presence of God / the Divine in your life
  • Longing to be touched and to be guided by ‘Grace’
  • Looking to remove and clear blockages from your life
  • Desires a deeper spiritual connection with Creation


How Can This Stone Help Me?

  • Helps us go within in search of the truth about ourselves
  • Creates a deeper connection with ourselves
  • Helps us to seek the truths in tense relationships or moments
  • Opens our eyes to the truth regarding a particular situation
  • Heightens our awareness, compassion & understanding
  • Brings clarity, confidence & a sense of peace from within
  • Brings a sense of deep  knowing of one’s spiritual path & trusting in your intuition to guide your way
  • Removes any energy blockages which may be directly impacting our physical realities
  • Brings a strong energy upsurge through our spine into our third eye
  • Cleanses away the negativity while protecting us with pure light
  • Aids in accessing heightened states of awareness & Kundalini awakenings


Wisdom From The Stone:

“If you find yourself deeply drawn and attracted to this stone, chances are is that you are looking to connect more deeply to the highest part of you. Every now and then you experience the greatness and beauty that is within you. People often look up to you for advice, guidance and light. Though you find much joy in helping someone else find a solution to their problems, you are also afraid that this ability is only temporary and not something that you can take complete control of. 

You sometimes find yourself feeling stuck, tired and drained; thus making you feel like your days are being wasted and precious time is being thrown away. This in turn causes you to stress over situations that are beyond your control, causing emotions which creates blockages in your energy system. One of the deepest questions you frequently ask yourself is, ‘How can I always bring my best self out into the world regardless the circumstance?’

Being connected to a Kyanite brings about a powerful spiritual transformation in your life. It removes that blockages surrounding your chakras by bringing a powerful surge of energy; making you feeling fresh, alive and rejuvenated. It establishes a deeper connection with the light within, thus causing you to go deeper to seek for the truths that you’ve been searching for. This in turn establishes a trust between your current state and the Divine in you, making you walk out into the world with a glow of confidence, certainty and tranquility. 

By engaging with this newfound awareness, you find yourself being able to understand and emphatize with others more. You are able to see the situation for what it is and inject compassion into situations which could’ve otherwise turn in chaos. By being able to see yourself in others, you become a powerful source of light to others; bringing wisdom, compassion & hope in times of need.

This stone also helps in providing powerful protection during vivid dreams, altered states and channeling. It is also one of the only 2 stones in the kingdom of crystals that doesn’t retain negative energy; which means it doesn’t require cleansing. It aligns and balances all chakras while making us open, receptive and ready to receive the blessing & guidance of the Divine energies of the Universe…”

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