Clear Quartz

October 08 2022 – Joshua Levi Rasen

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz


Summary of Properties :

A stone of Transformation, New beginnings, Letting go, Emotional Healing, Acceptance, Stillness, Stress relief, Anxiety, Anti Depressant, Cleansing negativity, Harmony, Manifestation, Concentration, Higher vibration, Clarity, Strength, Balance, Knowledge, Wisdom, Spiritual Growth, Divine attunement, Harmonizing Chakras, Amplifying crystals, Alignment with Light

Takes the tiniest hint of Joy and turns it into something larger than life

Known as the Master Healing stone, Aids in diabetes, Bones, Intestinal problems, Migraine, Metabolism, Self Healthcare

Why Am I Attracted To This Stone?

Desires a fresh start, Feeling drained from the Negativity that surrounds you, Desires positive healing, Desires a more promising and vibrant life, Unable to let go of past emotional or mental pains, Desires renewal, Unable to let go of resentment, Feeling depressed, In need of deep healing

How Can This Stone Help Me?

Physical : 

Known to be effective for arthritis, chronic fatigue, bone injuries, diabetes, fertility and intestinal troubles, Stimulates circulatory system while bringing the body back to balance, Enhances immune system, Soothes pains, Helps skin disorders, Great for headaches, migraines & vertigo, Helps digestive system, bladder & kidneys when used as an elixir

Mental :

Gives us a new perspective, Improves mental clarity, Cleanses away limiting beliefs, Relieves us from unnecessary stress and anxieties caused by overthinking, Clears our mind & enhances problem solving, Unblocks memory

Emotional :

Helps depression by drawing the pain that we have suppressed, Cleanses away the negativity surrounding the emotions that are no longer serving your highest purpose, Gives us that extra push to start our journey in healing, Helps us to let go of resentment and the past

Spiritual :

Great for meditation, healing, manifestation, thought and channeling. Brings a heightened sense of awareness, Brings perspective, Invites divine light & guidance into our lives, Cleanses our aura & chakras, Raises our vibration to meet the frequency of our destiny, Encourages gentleness, kindness, compassion & love for ourself, Brings wisdom & divine intervention


Wisdom From This Stone :

"If you find yourself attracted to this crystal, chances are is that you may have undergone some deep emotional hurt which may have been caused by heartbreak, deceit or betrayal by someone your trusted dearly; bringing about a feeling of unworthiness for love, goodness and abundance.

You may feel that you are currently trapped and surrounded by people who are against you. You may feel unheard, unseen and alone; afraid to make a mistake which may result in others judging you unfairly.

This experience has built hatred in you towards those that had wronged you; and though their actions may have hurt you once, this hatred is killing the very essence of who you are. You feel it too. Your current priority is about cleansing away all the Negativity that is consuming you, while allowing healing to take place in order for you to begin again...

Known as 'The' Master healing crystal, this stone would bring about powerful healing by reflecting divine light to cleanse the Negativity that surrounds your thoughts and emotions. This powerful process allows you to take a closer look into the hurt and pain that you are experiencing with a non biased mind, drawing them out, and helping you to confront it from a higher perspective. Works as a powerful booster and enhancer for its surroundings and other crystals when worn together, this stone creates harmony and cleanses negativity leaving us feeling energetic and lively again.

Being connected to the vibration of quartz brings about a sense of harmony in your frequency and aura through its consistency. By constantly vibrating at a divine level for a sustained period of time, the quartz helps you open the door for deep healing to take place while keeping you in a place where wisdom, love and compassion flows effortlessly. It's ability to draw out the pain that we may have had suppressed in us allows us to be cleansed on a spiritual level; bringing about more clarity in our lives and it realign a our vital energies to that of the Divine...

By opening up our lives to the magical healing powers of this crystal, we will begin to experience life from a deeper level of understanding. We will begin to accept our pain, challenged and struggles as tools to grow while keeping ourselves in tune with our Divine nature.

This breathtaking crystal regulates our energy system while raising our vibrations with a massive surge to create a life that is balanced physically, mentally, emotionally, energetically and spiritually. Being a clear crystal, it's neutrality allows light to pass through it while maintaining a constant vibration; emitting the colours of the rainbow which directly aids in realigning our chakras and subtle body as 'One'.

Quartz, one of the most abundant and powerful minerals on Earth producing all sorts of crystals from clear quartz to agates and jaspers. We can only keep going on and on about how much this crystal has influenced our age and as they say, we truly are in a crystal age. Ancient Japanese believes that clear quartz was formed by the breath of a dragon and regarded it as representing perfection..."

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History / Lore :

Since the beginning of time in nearly every culture, Clear Quartz crystals have been held sacred and magical and universally accepted as a source of power. Both Australia and South America describe the image of the “cosmic serpent,” the progenitor of all life, being led and guided by a Quartz crystal.

The legendary city of atlantis was thought to use quartz as a source of energy and for the complete development of their civilization. It was also believed that the misuse of its power led Atlantis to its doom.

Before their fall, their knowledge and secrets of the universe were said to have been programmed into Record Keeper formations of Clear Quartz to be psychically retrieved by chosen souls for future humanity and earth-healing purposes.

In ancient Rome Quartz Crystal was believed to be ice solidified over the course of long years, ladies of luxury carried crystal balls in their hands for cooling purposes during summer weather. The Japanese call it tama, “the perfect jewel.” It is a symbol of purity, the infinity of space, of patience and perseverance

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