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Summary of properties:

A stone of Manifestation, Service, Humanitarian pursuits, Dreams, Spiritual attunement, Communication, Connection, Creative Expression, Focus, Concentration, Compassion, Freedom, Truth, Expansion of knowledge, Unlocking higher intuition & vision

Why Am I Attracted To This Stone?

Constantly distracted from your goals, Feeling that attaining 'Freedom' is close, Confused by the options / decisions to make, Sometimes find yourself procrastinating even when you know something needs to be done, Deeply desire to express yourself creatively, Unable to solve problems creatively, Wishes to pursue a Dream but uncertain of the path, Curious about past lives, Seeking to serve humanity, Seeking to communicate your inner most creativity, Seeking to express your authentic self

How Can This Stone Help Me?

Physically :

Aids in healing the bones, teeth & cartilage, Encourages the formation of new cells, Helps absorb calcium, Useful to treat rickets, joint problems, arthritis & improve motor skills, Increases metabolic rate, Reduces hypertension, Soothes headaches, vertigo or dizziness

Mentally :

Helps to increase memory, Aids concentration, Helps creative problem solving, Stimulates & expands intellect, Brings mental stability, Unlocks highest vision, Helps us in organizing our thoughts, Brings laser-like focus

Emotionally :

Aids in effective communication, Brings empathy and understanding, Strengthens connection to intuition, Brings emotional stability, Helps in mind and heart coherence, Aids in creative expression from the heart

Spiritually :

Helps in manifesting dreams, people & circumstances, Brings visions of the future, Aids in spiritual growth, Aligns ourselves with the spiritual realms, Access to truths and revelations beyond our imagination, Raises our consciousness, Balances physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies, Eliminating overactivity or clutter in our mind/system, Stimulates under-activity while inspiring us to dream bigger

Chakas :

Throat Chakra 


Wisdom From This Stone :

"If you find yourself constantly attracted to this stone, chances are is that you have a beautiful dream in the fore front of your mind; and by this we don't mean 'personal related' dreams such a holiday goals, a new house, car etc. We mean the kind of dreams that has the potential to make an impact; the kind that sometimes goes on to change the world...

Though a part of you still doubts your ability in bringing something of this magnitude to life, however the dreamer in you cannot help but to wonder about it and the beauty that it can possibly create. With each passing day, the desire to see this wish come to pass grows ever so strongly; however one question remains unanswered, "Where do I begin?"

You've probably started to realize that procrastination and confusion are your two biggest obstacles in getting this vision off to a start. You may have also realized that overwhelming options, decisions and 'how-to' answers are not helping you very much. Because of this, your mind seems to be all over the place. Your focus seems to always be running out of place. Everything seems fuzzy, making you doubt your own vision; thus stopping you from taking the next step...

Right now, your priority in terms of career is about clearing the confusion and focusing all your knowledge and resources in 'Service of something that is greater' than yourself. The apatite comes into our lives in a time where our soul is prepared to discover our true reason for being. It often helps us in answering the 'Divine Call' in us while helping us clear the confusion and mess surrounding the dream.

It brings about an intense laser-like focus in our lives; aiding us in getting the work done. It helps us organize our thoughts while teaching us to creatively solve problems that has been holding us back.

The Apatite also gives us the ability to express our message to the world creatively while allowing us to manifest the people, resources and circumstances that we need to help us in our journey. It keeps us constantly vibrating in tandum with our dreams and desires...

Last but not least, being connected with the Apatite aids us in aligning ourselves with the Spiritual realms, thus opening us up to certain 'Truths' by connecting to our past.

Those highly attuned to this crystal often find themselves receiving insights and knowledge of the 'future'; thus aiding them in their journey to make decisions that are in line with the Highest good. This makes the Apatite a powerful stone for Spiritual growth and Divine intervention for the path of a seeker; often bringing to light revelations beyond our imagination..."

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