Pink Aventurine

October 04 2022 – Joshua Levi Rasen

Pink Aventurine

Pink Aventurine


Summary of Properties :

Stone of Happiness, Joy, Love, Abundance, Gratitude, Presence, Resonance, Wisdom, Light, Hope, Courage, Confidence, Connection, Acceptance, Excitement, Humility, Kindness, Luck, Giving, Receiving, Overcoming fear, Calming, Depression, Healing from nightmares, Compassion, Prosperity, Opening hearts

Great for Infants, Children, Elderly, Heart, Circulatory system, Sleep disorders

Why Am I Attracted To It?

  • Feeling a shift in your energy to your heart
  • Feeling light hearted, like as if a burden has been lifted
  • Desires so share your light
  • Seeking happiness
  • Beginning to heal from painful experiences that ‘no longer’ controls you
  • Learning to open your heart up to the Universe again
  • Feeling the need to radiate love and to share your excitement
  • Beginning to accept the light and dark in you as a ‘vital part of you’


How Can This Stone Help Me?

  • Helps us in accepting the ‘truths’ about ourselves and to be at peace with all facets of our being; the good, the bad and everything in between
  • Gives us the courage to learn from our experiences
  • Removes the stress and anxiety surrounding our ‘shortcomings/weaknesses’ by helping us make peace with ourselves
  • Urges us to live from the heart and to make love the centre of our experiences
  • Brings a playful sense of lightness and love to our hearts; making us feel excited for ‘Life’ again
  • Brings an immense amount of gratitude into our lives
  • Brings a sense of forgiveness, understanding and compassion into our lives through the lessons and experiences that we’ve had to overcome
  • Brings a powerful feeling of love from within; Love for oneself, for others and for life on a whole; sending out a powerful vibration from your heart into the Universe
  • Instills a gentle, kind and unshakable confidence in us, making us more humble and kinder to those around us



Wisdom From The Stone :

“If you find yourself drawn towards this stone, all we can say is that you are entering a beautiful period in your life. The energy in you has shifted to your heart; bringing you back to the center of creation; the core of your being. Far too long have you suffered from the pains that hurt you, but right now it’s over; and you know it is! Your time of suffering is over. Your prayers have been answered. And now its time to shine your light into the world…

Being connected to this stone gives you the courage to face your demons; the strength to love them, and the wisdom to accept them. It sets you on a powerful journey of healing from the pain that you’ve been suppressing all these while; except this time, you’re excited about this journey! You are excited about this newfound strength, and you know deep down, that everything is perfect! 

The Pink Aventurine encourages us to accept the darkness in us, as much as we accept the light. It shows us that by loving every single facet of who we truly are, we give space for kindness, gentleness, humility and compassion to manifest. It teaches us that our pain, our sufferings and our weaknesses are actually blessings in disguise; that they were ‘Gifts’ meant for us; ‘Gifts’ that only we can share into the world.

Apart from that, the pink aventurine teaches us that ‘Gratitude’ is the gateway for ‘Abundance’ to manifest itself. It shows us that through being grateful, we open the door for ‘Grace’ to flow freely into our lives; bringing about prosperity, love and happiness like never before. 

By allowing the light to enter our wounds, we open ourselves up to the flow of ‘life’; making us receptive to the lessons and wisdom that each experience has to offer. This in turn ignites a desire to share our strength with others; lighting them up in ways they could never imagine; while making our lives a perfect expression of the ‘Divine’ in us…”

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