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Summary of properties:

A stone of Truth, Courage, Luck, Hope, Self-discovery, Integrity, Justice, Leadership, Confidence, Empowerment, Balance, Humility, Discipline, Aids loneliness, Helps marriages, Truthful expression, Dispels negative intentions, Heals trauma, Resolve Conflicts, Overcoming fear, Aids childbirth, Gives us the courage to set boundaries, Helps us to accept changes & to find our voice

Why am I Attracted  To This?

  • Seeking to learn and discover one's inner truths
  • Looking to express & communicate your truths
  • Learning to heal from past pain and traumas that has been holding you back
  • Seeking to open up your heart and be vulnerable again despite all that you’ve been through
  • Desire to know you own limits and to break those limitations
  • Desires to know transform pain into light, and to use it to express yourself into the world
How Can This Stone Help Me?
  • Gives you the courage to move beyond fear into a space of love
  • Encourages you to search for your truths by connecting you with the light within
  • Brings a heightened sense of awareness and removes judgement over a situation
  • Aids in overcoming loneliness by inviting the energy of love into your life; making you feel contempt
  • By clearing the blockages that is surrounding our heart chakra and opening us up to be vulnerable again, this stone helps in having a happier married life & healthier relationship with others
  • Increases self-esteem by helping us discover our truths
  • Good Luck stone especially in games that involves ‘Chance’
  • Empowers self-discipline and to set healthy boundaries to protect yourself and your energy, and to share it with those whom you choose to give.
  • Encourages us to listen and to integrate all aspects of the ‘Self’ 
  • Brings truthful vision, dreams and imagination that is in alignment with our heart
  • Brings a deeper sense of empathy, compassion and sweetness to your emotions

Wisdom From The Stone :

“If you’ve ever watched Gal Gadot’s first Wonder Woman movie, you would begin to get an idea of what the Amazonite can do for your life. Think of it like a loving warrior who is also a protector and a seeker of truths. Someone who is gentle, kind, compassionate, forgiving yet courageous, strong, curious and connected to themselves. These are the traits in us that the Amazonite will amplify whenever we connect with this stone.

Being attracted to this stone often means that we have been through or witness some form of pain in the past that has left a lasting impact on us. These pain or traumas causes us to sometimes block out ourselves out from the world; yet it also reminds us of the importance in having a deep relationship with ourselves. 

Often when life humbles us through pain, we eventually learn that the real journey we must take, lies not in the outside world, but in the world within us. It gives us the courage to search our feelings and emotions, and to discover our own truths. It forces us to dig deeper, giving us an unshakable sense of confidence and curiousness to discover our true nature and to find out its limits while opening us up to the world again.

By reconnecting with the light in us, the Amazonite helps us realize that true happiness cannot be found in dimming our lights, but in setting healthy boundaries where we can feel safe to be ourselves. It shows us that fulfilment comes from being able to share our truths to the world, to express ourselves creatively and to share our light unapologetically with the world around us. 

By rediscovering the power of truths in our lives, we begin to open ourselves up to the power of love; teaching us that life in all is glory is happy, sad and everything in between; giving us the courage to be vulnerable, to push the limits of life, and to break free from the limitations that has been holding us back; making us better friends, lovers, husbands, wives and people…”

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