Tiger's Eye

October 16 2022 – Joshua Levi Rasen

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye


Summary of Properties :

A stone of Strength, Courage, Intuition, Vision, Clarity, Willpower, Connection, Intention, Manifestation, Creativity, Wealth, Determination, Protection, Confidence, Insights, Harmony, Spiritual & mental alignment, Wisdom, Balance, Awareness, Fertility, Vitality, Spiritual Awakening, Boost other crystals

Gives us the courage to recognize our ideas in times of hardship

Helps Blood, Broken bones, Brains, Eyes, Stimulates reproductive systems

Why Am I Attracted ToThis Stone?

Seeking clarity, Have a big dream ahead but feeling overwhelmed, Feeling confused about the future, Feeling stuck, uncertain and doubtful, Constantly making the wrong decisions, Feeling insecure and lack confidence due to fear of failure, Seeking a deeper connection with oneself

How Can This Stone Help Me?

Physical :

Blood fortifier, Healing from broken bones, Boost endocrine system, Balances hormones, Stimulates reproductive systems, Balances brain's hemispheres, Lowers blood pressure, Relieves asthma attacks, Heals disorders with the eyes and throat, Helps stomach aches

Mental :

Brings mental clarity, Removes distractions and illusions, Helps in making better judgements and decisions, Aligns the mind with the direction of the heart, Expands our vision through cohesion between the heart and the mind, Brings focus and stability, Unblocks creativity, Helps in recognizing ideas that work, Brings deeper wisdom 

Emotional :

Brings a deeper sense of intuition, Establishes a greater connection with oneself, Helps to realign our goals with our divine purpose while removing superficial goals, Gives us the courage to follow our hearts, Calms our emotional responses and injecting consciousness into moments of distress, Balances our emotions and helps us to connect our scattered thoughts, information and feelings together in a way that makes sense

Spiritual :

Keeps us feeling safe and grounded, Protects our aura and shields us against psychic attacks, Booster for other crystals, Teaches us integrity and the right use of power, Increases confidence in oneself, Brings hope and faith in the Divine, Clears away dogmatic illusions while opening us up to greater awareness, Connects the mind, heart and the spirit as One, Gives us the willpower to succeed, Aids in Kundalini awakening



Wisdom From This Stone :

If you find this stone calling out to you, all we can say is that you are in a powerful 'Turning point' in your life. Chances are is that you've been feeling a little demotivated, uninspired and overwhelmed lately. You may have even had the thought of giving up on something you've been working on because of the uncertainties surrounding your project. 

A part of you may feel deeply confused about what you currently want in life. Things may have slowed down or gotten very tough on your side to the point where you're starting to doubt the decisions you've made. You may feel completely stuck, tired and drained. You don't know what else to do, where to turn or whom to speak to.

The negative chatter and gossips that surrounds you doesn't help; giving you the urge to just give up and try something new. You may find people that you love coming at you with tons of advices and maybe even discouragement, because they worry for you, they care for you and they love you. However, deep down your warrior spirit isn't willing to let go just yet. You feel a glimmer of hope every now and then; and while everything around you seems like they're falling apart, it may actually be falling in-place.

Your priority right now is about having better clarity and confidence which will give you the willpower that you need to keep going. If this stone is attracting you, we would like to be the first to CONGRATULATE you on your success! You are about to be freed into a very powerful stage of your life; a stage of unshakable confidence with crystal clear clarity!

The Tiger's Eye comes into our lives in moments like these; giving us the vision and clarity that we need to take our lives to the next stage. It clears out the confusion and doubt surrounding our decisions, while establishing an extremely powerful connection with our intuition; making us 'sure' of every decision that we make.

It gives us the courage to tune in to our hearts more, and to listen to the subtle Whispers from the Divine in us which is the key to creating a happy and successful life. While most people depend on 'Logic' to guide their decisions, the greatest achievers all agree on one thing, that it's their 'Intuition' that often made the difference in their biggest moments. 

Being called to this stone teaches us that 'Integrity' and 'Trust' are the keys for unshakable confidence. It gives us the willpower to remove the habits and things that are no longer serving our highest purpose; while giving us the visions, courage and insights that we need to take the next step. It protects us from curses and ill-wishes, enhances creativity and aids in Kundalini awakenings. 

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