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Summary of properties:

A stone of Forgiveness, Peace, Transformation, Strengthening emotional bonds, Communication, Harmony, Serenity, Gentleness, Calmness, Truth, Wisdom, Grounding, Stability, Acceptance, Inner strength, Expression, Compassion, Learning, Teaching, Empowerment, Selflessness. 

Helps with Nervous disorders, Anxiety, Stress, Fear of seclusion, Depression, Throat, Digestion, Heart

Why Am I Attracted To This Stone?

Seeking peace and harmony, Finding it hard to forgive, Feeling restless over unresolved issues, Feel the need to express your heart's desires, Desires to share one's skill/knowledge, Desires to teach others, Feeling anxious, nervy or struggling from 'acceptance'

How Can This Stone Help Me?

Physical :

Helps with nervous disorders, Aids hyperkinetic movement, Reduces pain and helps pregnancies, Helps sore throats, laryngitis and supports the larynx in general, Aids digestion, Treats hip & joint related problems, Good stone for people suffering from arthritis and rheumatism, Strengthens and relieves muscles, Helps infections, fever, burns and scars.

Mental :

Helps in anxiety by keeping us calm and grounded to the Earth, Boost creativity, Great stone for teachers, politicians, public speakers, singers, writers, and anyone else who relies on words for their living, Diminishes anxiety & depression, Brings mental stability, Encourages us to stay focus on the things that matters the most to our hearts, Brings divine wisdom

Emotional :

Helps us to accept the past as it is, Teaches us forgiveness, Restores us back to a peaceful state, Helps in creative expression, Encourages us to shine our light through our gifts, Aids in strengthening emotional bonds, Encourages compassion, Helps us to rediscover the essence of our purest self

Spiritual :

A teaching stone, Helps in learning especially things to do with creative arts, Encourages us to share our knowledge and to empower others with it, Draws off the negative energies of rocky relationships within a home, Inspires us to share selflessly with the intention to inspire others, Helps us to express our inner most desires freely without the thought of receiving while encouraging us to give limitlessly.

Wisdom From This Stone :

"If you find yourself drawn to this stone, chances are is that the Energies in your life have shifted to your heart. It has shifted from a place of 'Receiving', to a place of 'Giving'; freeing you into probably one of the most powerful periods of your life. One of the common symptoms you may find to be true for you, is the need to re-evaluate certain aspects of your life, such as your career options, relationships, time and choices. This in turn causes you to rid yourself off the things that are holding you back from your gifts; bringing about the necessary  changes in service of your highest purpose...

A stone of Forgiveness, communication and harmony, this powerful stone is known for its ability to help us express our hearts and our wisdom; be it through speech, art or our work. Chrysocolla teaches us that words are powerful and that if we use it in the right way, it can bring about powerful change in our lives and the world around us. It is also a stone that brings forgiveness, better emotional bonds and gentleness into our lives through wisdom and compassion.

Being called to this stone often means that we are being called to teach with our highest knowledge and to share our experiences selflessly. It aids is empowering those around us while teaching us that happiness is always better when it's multiplied. It is the ultimate stone that helps us to express our inner most desires freely without the thought of receiving; thus encouraging us to give limitlessly without expectations..."

Myths & Legends :

The name Chrysocolla comes from the Greek word Chrysos. In ancient times, it was regarded as a legendary stone, and used by smiths in crafting some of the finest gold jewelry, most notably known to be worn by Cleopatra. Being known to carry peace, Cleopartra's actions inspired diplomats and rulers to come up with powerful solutions during war in order to maintain the peace. 

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