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Summary of Properties :

A stone of Hope, Abundance, Pure love, Calming, Protection, Sensitivity, Acceptance, Intuition, Artistic expression, Nurturing, Growth, Inner clarity, Fertility, Manifesting reality, Empowerment, Illuminates true beauty, Joy, New beginnings, Heartfelt communication, Patience, Inspiration, Releasing negativity, Stabilizes emotions, Success, Good fortune

Great stone for Reproductive health, Digestive system, Water retention, Hormone balancing, Fluid retention, Eliminates toxins, Eases pregnancy during childbirth, Slows degeneration, Alleviates degenerative conditions of skin/hair/eyes and fleshy organs such as liver & pancreas, Helps insomnia

Why am I attracted to this?

  • Seeking appreciation, love & guidance
  • Want to experience the warmth of a mother
  • Desires to be guided by pure love
  • Seeking an emotional home
  • Seeking to experience an abundant life filled with gratitude
  • Desire to let go of unhealthy memories and emotions that has been holding you back
  • Looking for a deeper connection with ourselves and those around us
How Can This Stone Help Me?
  • Brings the divine vibration of pure love 
  • Heals us from stresses, emotions and thoughts that are no longer serving us 
  • Aids in deep emotional healing and brings more compassion in helping us understand the reason why others ma have wronged us
  • Brings about the gentle nurturing warmth of a mother
  • Brings a feeling of abundance and gratitude to our lives, and keeps us resonating with those vibrations 
  • Create a deeper connection with ourselves
  • Touches us with a sense of gentleness and kindness
  • Encourages us to love ourselves more and to walk out in the world with a kind and caring heart
  • Makes us feel loved and secure
  • Brings strength and divine wisdom into our lives
  • Strengthens our connection with our heart and attunes us to a divine Wisdom
  • Helps us to radiate with the purest part of our hearts and to share that love with those who needs it


Wisdom From The Stone :

If you find yourself deeply connected to the moonstone, it means that you are about to enter a very beautiful phase of your life. You are about to feel what it's like to be constantly connected to your light within; to be connected to God, and to serve with love...

You are about to witness and experience the abundances that the Universe has to offer in the many facets of life. You will feel the glow of pure love encompassing you; the warmth of kindness and the gentle light of divinity. You will feel nurtured, nourished and understood. You will loved; and though it all sounds fluffy and nice, however the journey ahead requires you to face your emotions and to heal from the memories that are no longer serving your higher self...

While most of us may have operated from a space of ego, greed and selfishness at some point in our life due to the hurt or trauma that we had to overcome, the moonstone reminds us that the greatest gift of all lies in our ability to share our heart vulnerably without the fear of being hurt...

It teaches us that though pain is something we can never avoid, it is something we can learn to navigate through more efficiently; something that we can use to empower ourselves. It shows us that despite our highs and lows, our shortcomings and oncomings, our light and darkness, we are all worthy of love, kindness and Forgiveness...

The best way to truly understand the energy that this stone brings is the experience of a mother's love. A mother's love doesn't see right or wrong; it doesn't judge good or bad. Instead the love of a mother understands the reason 'Why' we do the things that we do. She sees beyond our lies, our pain and our actions. She sees only the true intentions of our heart. She understands us, in a way that most of us don't even understand ourselves.

Being loved by a mother gives you the warmth and the feeling that you are free to be whoever you are in front of her. You can cry, laugh, shout and share your deepest sorrow, because there is a space inside of you that knows, regardless the outcome, you will not be judged, you will not be ridiculed and that you will always be loved...

By having the freedom to feel our emotions, to explore it and to express it without the fear of being judged or looked down upon, we begin to experience life from a different perspective.

We begin to understand that love is a gift that we give to ourselves. That Forgiveness is a gift that we must give to ourselves; and that abundance is the result of being in complete harmony with our emotions and the environment inside of us.

This stone will aid in raising our vibrations to that of 'Pure love'. It will bring about a sense of deeper understanding for ourselves; leaving us with a feeling of gratitude and appreciation of the many gifts of life. It will help us see the blessing in every lesson, while showing us that love is the answer and that life is best lived, when it comes from a place of love...

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